Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tsk Tsk

The state of the country we live in is not very good to say the least. McCain wants to talk about associations though. He wants to talk about abortion - which at any other time would be a hot-button topic. Right now, though, we are ALL concerned most with our pocketbook. Both candidates are playing to "Joe the Plumber" and those like him, but "Joe" isn't really a good representative of independent, undecided voters. He's not paid his taxes, is against social security, and there are rumors (which I haven't yet spent the time and don't really care to) he isn't registered to vote and doesn't have a plumber's license in the county in Ohio he lives in. I really don't care about "Joe" himself though. He's just another distraction being used - this time more by the media - from the real issue at hand. We need to get out of the hole we're in. I'm not whole-heartedly enthusiastic about Obama. I'm wary of all politicians. He seems a little TOO smooth sometimes. A part of me feels like he could be my generation's Kennedy, the other part fears he's the democrats' Bush. That's just my personality though. If there was a better VIABLE candidate out there, I'd happily switch my vote. But there's not. Hillary is a toxin to the party so long as she's the top dog, and therefore for that reason, I'm glad she lost the primary. Imagine the mud slinging we'd be going through right now if she was the democrats' candidate instead of Obama. Aye. We need a candidate with a plan.I need relief from the stress that this economy has brought upon me - and millions of others just like me. I've quit watching the stock market except for the curiousity at the end of the day, IF I catch it. I don't watch as much news as I used to. I have the television ON one of the cable news channels, but I'm actually not watching it. I can't even hear it barely. I have some music softly playing in the headphones on my pda as I write this. So all I hear is the music and my typing and the respective sound from my pda (I can turn it off but sometimes I like hearing the chink chink - reminds me of an old typewriter). I'm at what I call "my Mother-mode" stage. And it's not what it sounds like. My Mom quit watching the news years before she died. As she said, it was all so depressing and it only dragged her down. She quit voting after the Nixon resignation, completely disenfranchised by the political machinery. She never told me which way she leaned, and never gave any clues. She hated EVERYTHING politics. So when I get in that "stage" - I won't NOT vote, I promise - I just shut down. I turn off the tv, pass on the paper (except the comics lol), and pass the blogs too except headline reading. It's not that I don't care. It's that I can't care at the moment - it's dragging on me too much and I have to break away for my sanity's sake. It's not voter apathy either. I've made up my mind. I'm not changing it.Ok on with the blog.I was just reading on the scroller on the tv that oil prices are now the lowest they've been (crude) in 14 months - just under $70 a barrel. (Language alert) IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME. I understand inflation makes $1 a gallon impossible, but 2 is reasonable - 3 is not.I just found out some great news last night. The woman I call my adopted Mom because she's always been there from the time I was 7 is going to be a first-time grandma! (Tes, if you read this cuz, yes it's who you're thinking of!) She just found out recently herself, so she's so estatic. It's too early to tell if it's a boy or a girl, but right now who cares? I'm so happy for her! Her kids (lmao "kids" - the one who's wife is preggo is my age lol) were very good kids growing up and have grown into great young men - as anyone knew they would. I have started trying to give Nimbus and the other cats some liquid vitamins, but of course after the hairball medicine fiasco, Nimbus will have nothing to do with anything voluntarily that LOOKS like medicine. Curzon doesn't get it that it's good for him, he just likes the taste oddly enough. Jadzia's always wary, but I'm not as worried about her right now. Right now the focus is on Nimbus. Funniest thing is - the vitamin stuff smells nearly dead on like Frosted Flakes! LMAO. Only me would smell cereal in vitamin goop lmao. But it is what it is - er smells - right? LOLAnyways I am off for now, to rest after my first non-overtime day this week - which was spent totally on laundry lmao. But I now have clean work clothes (I was out lol) that'll surely be needing washed again by Monday lmao. But that's for later! Right now is rest time.... Ahhhhhh.

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