Monday, October 6, 2008

Wow - two blogs in as many days!

Hello again my friends.
Whew, what a week. We got a bailout - a piece of shit bailout, but a bailout. This is no fix. It's merely a band-aid to stop the bleeding so that we can fix the underlying problems. It is an evil we could've avoided, but now is a necessary one to keep us from digging ourselves into a hole we can't get out of. I can only hope that we begin to fix this from day 1 in 2009 when we get a new president sworn in. Sooner would be better, but I'm not hopeful.
I've finally found a program to replace the program that I used to use to snatch stuff from the PC onto the PDA, thanks to a msg board full of nerds 'n geeks lol. It's way more complicated than what I need, but it does the job free so I can't complain too much. Now to find a program that'll upload tv schedules free. Dang greedy bstrds!
Using my bank card paid off, finally. All those bills paid, all those work lunches - I cashed in my points for a measly $15... for THOUSANDS of dollars in bills paid and lunches bought... sheesh. But hey, I had to spend the money anyways, so I'll take the extra $15. I was thinking about buying the bigger CF card, but I don't want to waste it, and now that I have the USB sticks, I don't really need it as much either. I could buy some more undies, but I'm ok there too for now. So what should I spend it on? I think it's my treat fund lol. Or my peach tea addiction fund. But sadly, $15 is only gonna buy me tea for a couple weeks at best, the way I drink it. I think I have something even better in mind - a good surprise - but if I post it here, I'm going to spoil it. I'll let you guys know what I come up with - afterwards!
I've had a few people ask me if I'm worried about my bank collapsing. I'm actually more thankful that I switched when I did. My last bank getting "bought" makes me wonder how solvent they actually were. I think I made a good move, and it's turned out to be quite beneficial so far. I have had to get used to a couple changes though, but those should work themselves out. I am hopeful to say the least that my reluctance to switch to this bank will turn out better than I had expected.
I had someone else ask me at work last week if I thought coupons were the way to go. Here's my take on it, for all of you to know.
Generics are nearly as good as name-brand, and in some cases better. The store-brand soups are actually less salty than Campbell's, which my Mom - and I - swore by. Cereal is usually slightly less sugary, and WAY cheaper. The deal is with coupons is you usually get $1 off or whatever, but you have to buy so many to get to use that coupon, so by the time you ration it down, you're only saving a quarter each, if that. Take cereal. General Mills cereal coupons are usually $1 off of 2-4 boxes, depending. One box of a generic knock-off is usually anywhere between $1-3 cheaper (yes sometimes it's that dramatic). And in some cases, it's better too! Soups are a toss-up, if there's no generic knock-off available. But here's what I swear by. Use coupons when you have to, buy generic whenever you can, and use the store cards as much as possible. Yes they track what you buy, but so what. Let them. Maybe someday they'll give me a $2 off coupon for my cat food! hahaha... I've been known to leave a grocery store with a cart FULL of groceries - literally - and not even spent but $100. Be willing to cook - or live off of tv dinners. Some are quite the deal for the price. They just usually need a little seasoning, but that's not a big deal. Don't buy the expensive laundry detergents like Tide. Era is almost identical, works just as well, made by the same company, and costs A LOT less. But if you don't have as sensitive as skin as me, go cheaper. The money you save going cheaper will enable you to buy the things you CAN'T go cheap on - like cat food. I won't bargain there unless it's do or die. Luckily the best cat litter is my store-brand clumping litter. And on that note. Yes I know the other stuff is cheaper - but you go through it MANY times quicker. Trust me. Get the clumping. You'll thank me later. Yes you spend $4-6 instead of $1-2. But you're spending that $2 every week if not more often. That $6 clumping litter, if it's a good one, will last you a month if you only have one cat. And remember there are some of us who have to buy 28lb every week or two. Imagine if I used the non-clumping crap. Oh geez... 10lb twice a week - AT LEAST. And Tidy Cats stinks! And how many times would I have to replace the box itself?!?... *shudder* I've replaced my box THREE times since Nimbus has been alive. Once when we moved in with Mr. Cat, once when we moved up here, and just recently. The only reason they got replaced was because they'd nearly scratched a hole into the boxes, and the Ohio one I think actually did have tiny holes! I'm a firm believer in washing boxes now and then - you have to. Ammonia gets into those scratches and will not come out any other way. Besides, the amount of soap - and I just use dish soap - I use is just the same as a load of dishes. Beh, I can part with that.
Ok I got off on a LARGE tangent there, sorry folks!
Off I go to tinker with the PDA... I recently got re-addicted to one of my games and I also have a new one I'm trying to figure out - me and those logic games lol. Plus my fk u finger on my right hand is all bandaged up - one of Jadzia's back feet tree-sloth claws got me earlier today and it's still slightly oozing blood. Nothing serious but annoying nonetheless!

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