Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Enough is enough. This partisan bickering has to stop. Save the fighting for the big shit we'll disagree on later. Right now we must come together for what we all agree on: a peaceful, respectful end to the Iraqi war; a stabilization and growth of the US and global economy; peace efforts in hot-spots such as North Korea and the Middle East; immigration reform (which surely will have disagreements within, but we all agree we need to fix our current policy); and health care reform so that we can all be healthier, more vibrant and productive Americans. We need to fix our tax code so that the middle class isn't paying for the rich's tax breaks. We NEED change, new ideas, new solutions, new energy, new EVERYTHING. We MUST regain possession of our Constitution.
So let's all start with what we each can do individually to regain control, because a nation who's citizens' finances and lives are out of control will never be in peace. It starts at home. It starts by paying down debt, smarter grocery shopping, and better budgeting. We must become a nation of wise savers AND wise spenders. We can't be hoarders, but we can't spend ourselves into oblivion either. We will have to increase spending a bit to get out of this mess we're in as a nation. But we must also cut wasteful spending and tax breaks that don't benefit the nation.
I, on the other hand, must first regain control of my keyboard from a JadziaCat - and figure out who's got the case of the stinkies, because I can't sleep in the same room as the litterbox if this keeps up!


Walter parker said...

Although coming from different angles, our past blog each, address the same problem of wasteful spending. Good blog Lynx

Enola said...

Good post! We do need to come together.

PJ said...

What a great post.
Have a nice weekend..:)