Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Pics

Mr. Cat and I took these pics and I thought some of you (especially ones like Soul and Enola that are going through a LOT of RL BS lately) could use - a moment of "aw" goes a long way when the soul is tired.

Only Curzon would let me use him in such a way LMAO. I wasn't in the mood for picture-taking obviously. I was tired and cranky as it was... But Curzon, sweet and tolerant cat that he is (for me lol), let me use him as a human shield lol. That gives you an idea though how big he is, that he can completely hide my head if I want him to. Yes, he's THAT big. It's not like I was holding him out either, I wasn't. Look how big he is!! That's my boy!! That's what a 20lb cat looks like, folks ROFL. And no, NO ONE else can hold him like that.

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