Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello there!

Hello my friends. I hope all of you are well.
The boredom of yesterday is over - I hope. I never did do any of my projects or anything. I do what I always do when I'm bored - EAT. ROFL I know many of you are jealous, but don't be. Yes, I can eat and eat and eat and not gain a pound. But if I get sick, the reverse does not hold true, and at my weight, 5-10lb is dramatic and potentially dangerous. So even when I don't FEEL like eating, I have to force myself to so that I run less of a chance of getting sick. And you gotta admit, I've been doing a pretty good job. I might have a persistent case of the ickies or a mild cold, but I've not yet gotten terribly sick. *knock on wood*
I did manage to get two loads of laundry done today, and frankly I'm amazed I got that much done. I got the dishes done also, and while I normally protest doing housework I didn't contribute to, I did contribute a lot of the dishes that needed to be washed this time, so I didn't mind washing them as much. I should however, trim my nails as they are a nice back-scratching tool but they're about to start wounding me! And for someone not accustomed to having long nails, though they're not long by any standards other than my own, they're only attracting gunk and crap that isn't so easily removed as it is accumulated. But I'll do that later. I'm feeling lazy.
We're having homemade burritos today for dinner, and talk about lazy. When I go to buy the stuff I need, the only things that aren't ready are the tomatoes and beef pretty much lmao. I buy the lettuce already cut up and the onions come diced in a bag. I know, it's a wee more expensive, but that's made up for in time saved! So I'm lazy. Behhh. All I have to do is brown the meat, warm up the beans, and dice the tomatoes. Done. LOL. I don't brown my wraps like my aunt used to growing up, but she had a gas stove, I don't. I probably would if I had gas, but I'm wary of gas as it is. That comes with growing up in apartments with only electric stoves. I learned (and relearned) how to cook on electric. Oh geez, me on gas stoves - that might be disastrous!
So other than cooking tonight, there's not much on the agenda. I do believe my sneakers will have to go into the summer closet. I'm attempting to re-accustom my legs to my (heavy) boots, as I don't think I will be wanting to walk to work in the frigid cold in sneakers, nor will I want to be changing shoes at work. I wore these boots day in and day out for over a year when I was working janitorial and they held up nicely. I could try to take out the insoles and put them in my sneakers but why risk ruining the boots? These boots are nice, and while they're not steel-toed, they do protect my feet from falling objects and my clumsiness. So they do have a place - especially with as much lifting as I do at work. However they will get in the way of some of my (prohibited) short-cuts, but we'll see how that goes. They worry about people falling so much that they got stuff that supposedly makes our job safer. Well, for me it's not. Leave it to a klutz to make safety a dangerous thing! So we will see. The boss was supposed to work with me when I got hired to find out why things happen they way they do with me but he never has. We will see though, as I always make sure no one's around. *grin*
So I am off for now... Soul, glad to hear you're getting better, and Enola, same goes for Baby. I hope all of you find some time in the next couple weeks for Thanksgiving, even if it isn't on Thanksgiving Day. I will be working that morning (voluntarily), but the nice thing about Thanksgiving is that it doesn't always HAVE to be on that day. Christmas can't exactly be postponed, and New Year's surely can't! Find a day to relax, kick back, and take a count of everything you DO have, especially in this troubled economy.
And thank you America for helping me give myself a great birthday present. Inauguration day is right after my birthday! WooHoo! I guess I have a reason to celebrate eh? Darn it, being the grinch is so much FUN!
Laters folks...
*laughs out the door*

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