Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Doldrums

Hello my friends. I have been reading up on the blogs a little and
this time Andrew got me thinking. He has a no-blogging-religion rule
for his blog. Maybe that's a good thing. One can come off the wrong
way and offend others way too easily when it comes to religion. It is
something that is best left to the individual, as not everyone feels
comfortable in such places. Some feed off of the communal experience,
others feed off of the individual experience. So perhaps this is a
good idea to ensure no one's feelings are hurt. But there goes another
blog I was thinking about writing LOL. In all honesty, I couldn't get
it from head to fingers anyways. As with some of my better blogs, they
vanished into oblivion somewhere between the head and the fingertips.
Maybe oblivion has a transporter beam pointed at my elbow and steals
an idea now and then just to keep me guessing whether or not I'm
losing my mind way too young.
So I'm sitting here, staring at my new beading board, and the bag of
beads that still has to be sorted out - MILLIONS of them. I'm not
trying to be picky, just getting out the unique ones, the tube-like
ones, and the clear ones. I'm not so stupid to try to sort them out by
color (though I sure could use that). But that's something I'd much
rather pay some kids to do than do myself lmao. I should get to it
some more, but who would want to dive into such a monumental feat? And
even when I am finished, I still have ANOTHER container to go through!
This time I'm going to try to figure out how to take it one section at
a time, instead of dumping the whole thing in a bag. Any suggestions?
All my cross-stitching stuff is still hanging on my wall, collecting
dust I'm sure. I'm thinking of putting my beads aside and getting back
into the cross-stitching as it too is easy on the fingers, unlike
crocheting and knitting. The main reason I haven't already is the tiny
holes. But I'm starting to try to get into some semblance of a holiday
spirit, but I just can't seem to find it. I've just been hard to
please lately. I accomplished a major feat in my xbox game that I
didn't think I could do, but now I'm bored. I can't find anything to
eat, not because we don't have any food - heck I just spent a BUNCH of
money at the grocery store - but because food seems so boring anymore.
And we both know I can't live off of ham sandwiches. The only things
rescuing me from the bottomless pit of boredom is the sweetest, most
loving man and cats one could ever wish for.
So I guess I'm going to go for now, maybe to try to find my
cross-stitch projects, maybe not. Maybe I should shuffle around the
PDA, and find a book to read or a game to play. I've surfed myself
through the 'net I think!

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Enola said...

I never thought of paying kids to sort beads. I bet my daughter could do that! I spent the weekend cleaning up our play room and sorting out all my craft stuff. Now I'm itching to work on it.