Friday, December 12, 2008

Thought of the Day post LOL

Hello my friends. I hope this blog finds all of you well.
I was having a conversation earlier today with a friend of mine online that have known for years and years. We go back further than Mr. Cat and I do even. She's always been a friend to me, and at times, one of my more trusted advisors on things personal and spiritual. She's one of those people that won't jump your shit but you know where she stands. She tries to make you see why YOU stand where you do. That's one of the reasons I like her so much.
We often talk about my struggle to find my way on the religious path. Several times we've discussed the BS the church fed us growing up. She's found her way for the most part, and my journey still continues. It's a three-pronged path, two leading away from the one I'm on now. Walter also knows this journey and how difficult it is for me to figure out sometimes.
But my friend did point something very telling out - a lot of Christianity, especially in America, has become very selfish, in more ways than one.
That makes us all think, doesn't it? Are we so stuck in what we believe that we're convinced everyone who disagrees is doomed to hell? Some believe Catholics are going to hell, some believe the Jews will, many believe other denominations or religions are cults (without probable cause to believe so). God teaches us all to love one another, regardles of our religious affiliations. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist... Do you REALLY think God gives a crap? I don't... to a point. God cares more about our relationship to Him and how we treat one another, and preaching hate is not the way to go! As my friend says, "In the United States especially, Christians have this culture of superiority, Americans the best in everything, Christians the most righteous, but its a lie of Satan. A true Christian does not believe he or she is better, more knowledgeable, or closer to God than anyone else, all that kind of talk is spiritually and morally prideful, and God does not take well to pride. Being a loving human being is far more important to God than being a better Christian than anyone else. And most of us carry around a heavy load of 'Christian' baggage -- which is not of Christ at all."
Lest we all be reminded why Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven. It wasn't because he lied, cheated, or even killed. It was because he got prideful. He thought he could do a better job of being God than God. He thought he had the better answers, the "righter" right answers so to speak. He was out to divide Heaven's multitudes of angels. Now God isn't inclined to be so strict that it's my way or else, but even God can't have an open rebellion amongst His closest beings. God tried to give him a chance, Lucifer was too stuck in his belief. So he was cast out, along with all of those who went along with him.
We must not allow ourselves to become the same thing. While national and religious pride is great, we must not get to the point where we're saying we're better than everyone else and they're doomed. Our mission, while we're here on this planet that can sometimes pass as hell, is not to beat each other down. It's to support each other on this journey, no matter what street they're on. All streets lead to the same address. Will you help your fellow humans get there? Or will you throw a boulder from your road onto theirs?
And by the way, thanks to both my preacher pals for inspiring this blog.

And the Nimbus update... Because I know everyone is concerned.
Nimbus is doing better. I don't think we're anywhere close to the right insulin level, but we expected that. He's still hovering near the water bowl a lot, but he's starting to venture away a little more, which is a good sign. His coughing is improved, as is the sound of his breathing overall. He's definitely feeling better, as he's not taking to being held as much as he was and is squirming harder and more vigorously than he was, much to my dismay - I loved having a cuddleboo! But I am optimistic for now, though the having to shove two pills down his throat at night and giving him insulin injections twice a day isn't so comforting. But at least, just like his heart condition (which is still inaudible at least), we caught this early. So, now it's one more trial for us to go through, one more mountain to see this cat through, and don't think we won't! We will NOT give up on the BooCat!


Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx.
Loved your blog mostly, especially on how Christians in general (and not just in the U S) have lost the Love that God Had to and for mankind.
I do however strongly disagree that all streets lead to the Same address. Without preaching at you, check out John 14:6 for Jesus' understanding on this. If we claim to be Christians, which after all, simply means Followers of Christ, then we not only should but also must, follow His teachings too. By that I mean all of them and not just the ones that suit us.
Well enough preaching for now. Great to have you back on Line and great to hear that Nimbus is on the improve.

Walter parker said...

I realize now what you mean and to a point I agree that they all have in mind the same God at some point, but how they see Him is totally different from each other. Totally different!

The Jewish Faith recognise God as God almighty and Look for His promised Messiah, whereas Christianity has taken this basic jewish faith and profess that now Jesus has come as that Promised Messiah or Christ and By His death and resurrection has redeemed Mankind's Sins. (for those that accept Him, that is!) Thus Jews see Just one side of the Coin, where as Christians , see the whole of the Coin including both sides.

Muslims on the other hand have taken a bit of the jewish faith, a bit of the Christian faith, and a bit of their old Tribal religions and put them together to come up with Mohammed as a successor to Jesus, something the Bible cannot agree with no matter how it is interpreted or even twisted.

I know that we will disagree over this but Islam is a false religion completely; and either Christianity is mistaken about Jesus being the messiah and thus Judaism is correct in still waiting for their coming messiah. Either that or Jesus was/is the Messiah and His claim in John 14: 6 is correct.

Thus although they all claim to be worshipping the same God, they are, either like the Jews, not seeing the full God, Or like the Christians who claim to have the full God. Or worse, like the Muslims who have added even more than God intended to their understanding of God.

So despite the claims of all of them, only one of them can be correct, unless you wish to argue that in fact all are wrong. As You know I believe in Christianity. Actually after having written that, I have to say I don't believe in Christianity, I beleive in Christ. Sadly a lot of what passes for Christianity today, even in mainline Denominations is neither following Christ nor God's word in the Bible. A fact I am equally sure you would agree with me on.

Well enough preaching for Now; Walter