Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Dear...

You know I've been busy today when it's 730pm and I STILL have yet to check my email. I'm writing this blog before I check it because I know once I get into my email, I'm not going to want to write any. I haven't checked my email since 430am after I gave Nimbus his shot. Work called this morning and wanted me to go in, but I couldn't as I didn't have any clean work clothes and couldn't wash them until the bank opened at least. Never mind I was tired and didn't WANT to go. Thank goodness the roommate answered the phone instead of me! I started laundry around 10am or so, and just pulled out the last load and got everything put up around a half-hour ago. Nimbus even got his pills early because I wasn't about to haggle with him AFTER the laundry. But Mr. Cat was nice enough to give the cat his pills for me - whew! I did six loads today, and just in cleaning the bedroom I found another load's worth! But that's for another day, as I got blankets to wash still too. Six loads was enough, as I had work clothes to wash, towels, tshirts, bed linens, jeans, and sweaters to wash! And tomorrow is supposed to be a nasty, cold day (which will feel even colder as today was so BEAUTIFUL outside, 55 felt like 70 as it's been so cold lately) with sleet and snow most of the day. But hey, I got laundry done and my side of the bed looks a LOT better! I still haven't gotten to the whole side, but I can walk over there now! Horray for me! And yesterday I cleaned the desk (though I'm rarely on the desktop anymore) and took out a LOT of trash - so much so I had to get help to get it all out! I still have so much to do, but it felt good to do what I did. Saturday (I think it was), I stopped by Linens and Things (as they're going out of business and I was waiting for the right discounts) and got two pillows for $6! I was going to get more, but considering I was walking and it was raining, I couldn't carry more than two! But we needed at least one, as one of my oldest pillows had to get thrown out (the stuffing was all but pouring out of all the holes). We still have our two main pillows though, but 4 pillows isn't enough for us for some reason.
Anyways, I'll write more later when I have more time to - probably tomorrow!

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Enola said...

Ooh thanks for the reminder. I need to go to Linens and Things.