Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hey guys (and gals)!
Wow what a difference a little love and nursing make. Nimbus, albeit he's been feeling better for a couple weeks now, is continuing to amaze us with his turnaround. There's only a couple things left that he isn't doing that he did before he got sick, but all in all, he's completely back to normal. His level still isn't quite right, but we're getting there. I can't believe we've come this far. He's even gotten up on the bed - voluntarily on his own without even tempting with treats - for the first time in months. He's still a wee ansy - until he falls asleep. But he's even showing signs that the playful Boo is back. It's not easy being the nurse, but I'd do it for any one of these cats anytime. I'm just glad we caught this early.
Even Curzon is starting to get in the act. When he was a kitten - a YOUNG kitten at that - he was quite the licker. It was obvious most of the time it wasn't affectionate, my skin had something he needed. But I think he also thought at that age I was a big cat as he'd try to bathe my hair like it was fur! Of course it was a LOT shorter then but still... the claws on the scalp did NOT feel good! But a few days ago, he gave me a few little licks on the forehead, not the rough ones either, but obviously affectionate ones... as if he was thanking me for making his boy feel better. Curzon's always been like that though. He thanked me with a big cuddle fest about a month after Nimbus came home from the hospital with his blockage and heart murmur, which he hadn't done since before Nimbus went in.
Now don't think Jadzia doesn't care about her son - she does - she just shows it differently. She'll run to him when he cries, or if I'm playing with him and he starts yelp-crying, but if he smells like a vet, she'll hiss at him like no tomorrow. But Boo doesn't tolerate her crap for too long, and when he's had enough, we ALL know!
So anyways, what else is new?
I guess I'm on "vacation" though I'd hardly call ONE extra day off a vacation, but I'm telling myself that to maybe help me relax... and it's working I think. I still dread having to go back to work on Tuesday but that's because I already know it's going to be a very long week. Being SCHEDULED for mass overtime bites, but obviously they need me or they wouldn't have scheduled me for it, right?
Anyways I am off to enjoy some quality bonding time with Nimbus. Be well friends, and STAY WARM!

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