Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hello my friends. Things have changed a wee around here so I guess I should tell you.
Last week Nimbus had a couple cases of hitting too LOW after we brought him up to his higher 4 units of insulin. So we skipped a shot and brought his insulin down in consult with one of my vet's coworkers. Well a couple days later he did it again and I called back where I talked to the third vet that works at this clinic. Under her advice, we brought him down to 2 units and decided to not test him for a week unless he shows signs of having problems (either lethargy which would be low sugar or the thirst and hunger he showed when he was too high) for a week so that we wouldn't be so glued to and worried about those numbers. Once a week has passed (which will be next friday), we will do his tests, but do them every 2 hours starting at just before his evening shot so we can better track how his body is taking that insulin. I also learned diabetes in cats isn't exactly the same as that in humans (and dogs oddly enough). Cats are harder to overdose unintentionally because their pancreas will adjust its own production. So now my focus is on letting Nimbus' poor ears recover from all the poking. I also have the (somewhat) cheaper cat food that Nimbus needs now, but enough so all three can eat it. I have the other two bags (the regular food and what little is left of the prescription food) closed up in case we need it later and as a treat to the kitties. Back to the vet though... I think next time I take the cat in, I will have this third vet examine him. I like her - the way she thought out loud on the phone with me, the way she spent the time on the phone explaining when I'm sure she had patients, the way she just didn't tell me what to do, but decided in consultation with me. We still have other options should we feel the need to take them, but right now I'm feeling it's better to stick with these gals right now.
I have to apologize also for not being online as much as I usually am after work. After working nearly 10 hours a day, day in and day out, I don't really FEEL like doing anything sometimes. And "sometimes" has been OFTEN lately.
Anyways, I'm off to cuddle with the Boo.

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SOUL: said...

i hear ya on the not feelin it-- i think we've all been there a time or two.

how's nimbus? that is a cool cat name.

it's rare to find a "good" vet. stick with it.

who's your "boo"??
that's what i have called my kid for --well.. all her life -- almost fifteen years.

hope you get some time off for good behavior soon.