Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Era Begins Today

Wow. The end of an era has come.
I have been thinking for a long time what I was going to write when today came. Guess what? I still don't know! You all are going to find out at the same time I do pretty much!
I am optimistic about our new President; I believe we all have to be. A lot of things have to change, but we can build an even better country on the foundation we have right now, broken as it is, as Mr. Cat said last night. But, as he also pointed out, a lot of things have to change, and the first thing is we ALL must start caring a lot more. This cynicism must be thrown out. We must all start taking a more active role in our country, even if it doesn't seem that important. The mere way we treat others may very well impact more people than you can imagine. NOT throwing that trash out the window means our planet looks a little more like it should. We HAVE to stop acting like children and start acting like grown men and women.
I truly believe Mr. Obama will at least try to do everything he promised us he would. We must hold him to those promises, make him refine them so that ALL Americans - and our fellow human beings around the world - may prosper and not just a certain group. We must stand up, as ONE nation, as ONE people and demand change - and then help make it possible. We must hold Congress responsible also, as no ONE person should be held responsible for what others do or fail to do.
However, I am realistic. This "honeymoon" period will not last long, and the goodwill will soon give way to politics as usual, and our new President will surely face obstacles that will test his - and our - very will. Republicans are dead-set on their own agenda, and Democrats are dead-set on their own agenda. He must truly "hit the ground running" - starting immediately - to get through as much as he can of his "to do" list before the goodwill turns into political maneuverings. Let's start with fixing this economy, well ok, starting to fix it. And lets enact some common sense basic measures to start cleaning this planet. Oh and let's not forget we MUST start rebuilding our infrastructure, which would create jobs, helping the economy AND the government by increasing the tax base.
Please don't give up on us, everyone. I know those of you across the world have looked upon this great land with contempt and disdain lately, as have many of us. Give us a new chance as we give our new President a chance. Let's work together to make this planet a better, cleaner, safer, more peaceful rock to call our home. One person - one country - alone cannot do it. Together we can.
And my dear fellow Americans: do not become complacent now that we have enacted change at the highest levels of government. Politics is one of the greatest corruptors, and it is our obligation to keep them honest. This country is not run by one person or group of people; it is a nation OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. We are ONE nation, WE THE PEOPLE. Let's get back to being Americans - PROUD yet humble Americans.
May God bless us all, no matter our religion (or lack thereof). Together, we SHALL remain the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

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Walter parker said...

Good blog Lynx. Your new President certainly starts off with More general good will than any of your Presidents that I can remember coming into office. As you say, let's hope He can use and build on that before it dissipates again. like the others.
Catch you later.