Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hello my friends once again... We have arrived at the end of a very long week, one which saw a lot of changes in policy and I for one am very glad. But that's for another blog - maybe. I'm not feeling THAT talkative right now.
It's an extended vacation for me this weekend, one that will last for three days instead of the normal two. I have things to do, but boring stuff like shopping for black sweaters and laundry, but otherwise I intend to do a whole lot of NOTHING.
Mr. Cat's birthday cake was incredible, so much so that it vanished very quickly. We are also very hopeful we may have found our Italian restaurant, as we haven't had a good one to order in from since we were in Cincinnati. Isn't that sad? Oh well.
See I told you I'm not feelng very talkative.
Oh, Nimbus...
He had an appointment Friday. He still has a lot of bacteria in his urine so he went back on antibiotics for a few weeks. Insulin got changed to a newer, better kind, and he gained a couple pounds.
So, that's it. I guess I really AM un-gabby today! Err, tonight... Anyways, laters.

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