Monday, January 26, 2009


A few things have been bugging me and I haven't found the words yet to put them on the blog, but I'm going to try now.
Rush Limbaugh - the most racist, vile right-wing ***hole on radio today - wants our new President to fail. He said it himself. He managed to even shock Sean Hannity, a man not much less revolting than Limbaugh himself. He needs to be taken off the radio, because men like Limbaugh are dangerous to this country and our long-term survival. He undermines the very foundation of what makes this country great.
Glenn Beck - once a moderate conservative radio and tv commentator - now definitely a right-wing blabbermouth. In the same breath he says the Treasury Secretary nominee is the man we need and that he should not be confirmed because of his not paying a couple years' taxes. You can't have it both ways, Glenn. Either he's in or he's out.
And all those black people who keep blaming the white people for their inability to get ahead. Guess what... A black man is now in the highest office in the land. Your excuse is over. It's time to stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility. And no saying "oh he's half white, he's not TRULY black" because it's just another excuse we don't have time for!!!!
Something I saw today on Wichita's KAKE-TV website ( Now keep in mind I grew up just outside Wichita, so this is the TV station I grew up on, so it's the first place I go when I need to catch up with what's going on back home. "The top five states with each state's corresponding black homicide victimization rate are: 1) Pennsylvania, 36.86 per 100,000; 2) Michigan, 33.40 per 100,000; 3) Indiana, 32.65 per 100,000; 4) Kansas, 32.47 per 100,000; and, 5) Nevada, 32.26 per 100,000." Who would've thought it's more dangerous to be black in Kansas than in California? Sheesh! Though I guarantee you if you merely took Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wouldn't be on the list at all!
The Super Bowl. I'm stuck between going for one of my team's greatest rivals but also one of the best teams in the entire league and a team that is one of the very few that have yet to even get to the big game. Needless to say, it's a game that I would like to see my conference's team win, but will be happy either way.
Well, I've run out of things to say!

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