Sunday, January 25, 2009

STILL No Good Blog Title!

Frustrated wouldn't even begin to describe my mood today. It's the little shit too, like the owie on my left ring finger, right where it touches the keyboard, so every time I use it, I feel a wee pain... but luckily after nearly 2 days it quit bleeding and sealed up! And I won't even say how I hurt myself, it's THAT embarrassing, such a stupid mistake on my part! I have an extended weekend this weekend so I'll get to rest a bit. Nimbus will have a curve test done next weekend, and oh how he's not going to like that! Then again neither am I. I still have to give him his pills, but that I'll do in a half-hour or so. I don't feel like hunting for him right now! But it feels soooooo good to see him doing well.
So my plans... oh so boring, I know... laundry and sweater shopping. Oh joy, cold air... But I'll deal with that. LATER. LOL. Tonight is clean a little and relax a lot night, as it has been all day. I really must go to bed earlier tonight than I did last night, as I am so beat and don't want to be up all night either!
Geez, I had such a blog planned, and I forgot it all. So I guess ya'll will have to settle for this! LOL.

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