Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well folks, thanks to me taking a bunch of notes, we just MAY have a blog today! Let's not count on that though!
First of all, maybe someone can link to the online article off of the Wall Street Journal, but I saw something on the front page that got my attention, and not necessarily in a good way. I may not have the facts entirely straight, but I think I have them straight enough to get the gist of the story across. It takes place in India, one of the more liberal of the Middle Eastern nations, in a predominantly Hindu region. A politician, equivalent to a U.S. State governor, converted from his Hindu faith to Islam and married a second woman who was also a convert and worked in the government. Well, before too long they both lost their jobs and he also lost his security detail. His family disowned him but he stuck by his faith - until he disappeared and she filed a police report fearing his family had kidnapped him. After a while, he appears and then says he wants to reconcile with his first wife and his family. So his second wife sues claiming fraud amongst other things, and after he changes his story a time or two more, he vanishes again only to write saying he was in Britain seeking "medical treatment" - of what is not specified.
My thoughts first of all, who in their right mind in politics would dare try to juggle two women, whether or not he married both of them? The secret ALWAYS gets out! Secondly, see Americans, it just isn't American politicians that are slimy, trashy, lying scoundrels! And the Muslims try to make themselves to look better than us, yet they let this guy convert and then secretly marry, and they can't even agree if it was even religiously permitted! Ooookkkkaaaayyyy...
Now that I have ya'll scratching your heads...
One of my weird habits is collecting old and foreign coins that I come across (except Canadians, they're too easy to get LOL). Well, Mr. Cat got me to thinking about my collection of old American wheat pennies: there's a lot of history in those coins. The last ones were made in the 1950s. Who knows who spent them, where they've been... I've decided to keep a hold of all the ones I find now, at least for now.
We have a new manager starting at my store today. I got to meet him briefly and so far, I like what I see. But he was busy doing upkeep and cleaning tasks, so I didn't get the chance to work under him, and from what I understand, he won't be working my shift that often, if at all. Good thing for him too, he doesn't seem much for waking up and being at work before sunrise LOL.
On to the cats... As Jadzia holds my hand hehe!
Nimbus is doing quite well, though today he's a little high, but that's because of him getting a treat. He's not had a shot since Sunday night if I remember right. So he is doing well, much better than I had expected.
I went grocery shopping after work yesterday and that was a big mistake because I was starving, even though I ate lunch. I was so hungry I bought two pounds of catfish, yes TWO. Once I got home (the bus was running late), I started cooking my half. I wasn't waiting for anyone or anything. I got it cooked (I bake it like I bake chicken and turkey), I just put it all on my plate and dove in. Yes, I ate that much fish in one sitting. I said I was hungry! I was hungry again an hour later though, but I snacked that hunger away. By that time the three of us (roommate included) and our neighbor were all hanging out at the dining room table playing poker (I felt like it and everyone agreed). I think I managed to do alright, though when playing with nickels and dimes, it's not hard to come out alright! I enjoyed myself and for once, felt like socializing instead of being a hermit!
I've been doing a lot of thinking, and honestly I need help. I have GOT to get my bladder back into check! I've been drinking way too much tea lately, and normally that's a good thing. But when you're darting away every couple hours to the bathroom while you're working, people are probably wondering what's up with me. I'm trying to figure out what I can do other than not drinking my tea for while that'll help me out. Eating doesn't help, it just puts even more in the system. I'll figure something out.
Anyways, folks, since I finally got a decent blog out, I'm going to head off for a bit. If you're lucky I'll write more later. If not, I'll be entranced in another of my weird habits - sleeping ROFL!!

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