Sunday, March 1, 2009


Has anyone else noticed there seem to be a lot more plane crashes lately than normal? I tend to think that they're just being reported more, but it sure does seem to be a bigger problem. The last time I flew, just as we were starting our taxi down the runway on one leg of the flight, they called us back to the gate because one of the rutters was stuck if I remember right. That was a close call - much too close to me! I'm just glad they caught it before we started to take off! Yikes - but not enough to make me stop flying again, just enough to only make me fly when absolutely necessary. And in this economy, I don't believe that will be a problem.
Have ya'll seen that Rush Limbaugh speech in front of all those conservatives a couple days ago? Remember, this is the man that said he hoped our President fails. Now all the smart folks are making him - and the rest of the repugs - swallow those words hard by shoving it in their faces constantly. We need to - we need to remind the nation and the world why we voted for change. Decisiveness like Limbaugh's is protected free speech, but speech that is very harmful for this country, so we must make him look as stupid as he is. Let his own words bite him in the rear. We MUST succeed, we WILL succeed. Let's make the repugs decide whether to stand with him and Sean Hannity or grow up and stand on their own. Let's not forget the Glenn Beck fearmongering with his countdown to doom that he was so famous for over at CNN. And all the others that want to make us angry, fearful, or disheartened - let's show them what America REALLY is. We may get angry, we might get scared, but we act on it, fight it, conquer it, and walk on from it stronger than ever.
Talking about fear, I was flipping through the channels last night trying to find something to watch (which is hard to do on a Saturday night pushing midnight), and I came across Rod Parsley, one of those televangelists. I think he's also one of the ones under investigation by the feds, but that's not the point. He was talking about how dangerous fear always is. I had to shake my head. How many more kids would be dead because their parents didn't get scared when the doctor told them their kid had cancer and fought to the death if necessary to prevent that child from dying? It seems to me to be so archaic. Don't fear, trust God, not the doctors, and God will take it away. Ok fine, I will go halfway here. God MAY take it away, but God doesn't usually just touch someone and heal them. God likes using other humans to make things happen. Does anyone have any idea how many times I prayed that Nimbus would come through his illnesses? But did I just sit and wait for God to "work his magic" on the cat? Oh heck no!!! God asks of us too, you know. We have to do our part. But I do believe our introduction to this different vet was no coincidence, and it is no insult to the first vet, the one that diagnosed him. Two brains are better than one, and the second one had information no one else there had. That information made all the difference. Let's remember that the next time we are confronted with something that seems to be "too much" that, while being overcome with fear is dangerous, a little fear does go a long way and can actually be used to STRENGTHEN our faith. Now, enough of doing Walter's job!
I'm supposing everyone has heard that Paul Harvey has died. What an iconic voice on American radio. I don't know how much further his voice reached, but I know most of us Americans probably heard his voice once or twice growing up. We will always remember his soft, soothing voice, that much I'm sure of. I remember diving for the radio at noon on the weekends to hear "the rest of the story" as only he could tell it. Sometimes too, the story was hilarious! I wonder if anyone has his radio shows online... I will have to check.
Anyways, I am off for now.

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Walter parker said...

Yes, I must confess, that I was beginning to wonder whose blog I was reading a there for a moment.
Never heard of Paul Harvey over here, but I did read on web site that he had passed away recently.