Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retail Peeves - a PARTIAL List

Piercings should not be worn at work (small ear ones aren't what I'm talking about).
If you wouldn't say it around the preacher, don't say it at work!
If you don't have a few minutes to spare, don't stop to get coffee. Shit happens!
Get over yourself. You're not THAT important.
It's a public place, not your house. Please don't let your children run around like they run the place.
Keep your germs to yourself please, especially the coughing ones!
Don't bitch at me when prices go up, I don't make those decisions.
NO ONE carries $100s at 4am. Don't expect me to break one.
Don't give an attitude and not expect one back.


PJ said...

One more...don't buy if it you are just going to return it tomorrow with no reciept

Lynx217 said...

And kids and even worse grown-ups coughing and breathing all over ya!