Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff, cats, n a reminder!

I keep hearing about people trying to save money to pay (or help pay) for their child(ren)'s college education. What ever happened to them working for what they want? While I am not saying it's not a lofty goal, how much better decisions would be made if they decided based on what THEY could afford and what THEY wanted rather than what YOU can afford and/or want? Your money is YOURS. Your top priorities should be paying down your bills, saving enough for retirement, etc. The kids need to learn how to work for what they want. Maybe that means putting off college for a semester to build up money to get jump-started with, choose the right college, and find a job on or near their college campus. If they choose close to home, let them stay at home if you want, but charge them rent. They need to learn how to do it while they're young, or they won't have the experience and maturity for it later. Now I know many are going to disagree with me, and may say "well you don't have kids you don't understand" - but I DO understand. I had to juggle work and college. I had to commute, pay for my own insurance, and while I didn't pay rent, I paid the phone bill, a portion of the grocery bill, and made sure Mom had spending money. I applied for every grant and scholarship I could, and that kept college affordable. My regret was having such an old vehicle that took a lot of money to keep running. Had I sunk a little more money in the beginning into a newer car (not new by any stretch, just not 20 years old), I would've saved time and money later much more than I'd saved by buying the old car. Let's not even go into how many times I was doing homework in the repair shop lobby!
About the cats, they are doing well. Curzon has nearly been glued to my hip since I got home from work yesterday. I don't think there's been a period of time more than 10 minutes where I haven't been able to reach out and pet him except when I was laying down about to fall asleep. Jadzia's not itching as bad, and I'm starting to reconsider when she's going to the vet. I may hold off on that until the beginning of next month at least. Nimbus did another spike, but that's because I gave them wet food yesterday. It was their prescription stuff, so I didn't think he'd spike like he did, but he STILL didn't jump as high as he once did. He's steadily coming down, as he should be. He's been extremely energetic lately, and while I'm going to spending more money on the better food rather than this cheaper non-prescription stuff, I feel that it's going to be for the best, especially if he continues to feel as good as he is right now.
Just a note for my American friends. Got taxes? That dreaded April deadline's getting closer and closer! And watch out. Read your fees carefully. You can be charged for having your fees deducted from your refund, possibly DOUBLING your fees. I was just working on mine, and and they were going to charge me $14 for filing my state, and then charge me another $16 to have the $14 deducted from any refund the feds may give me. Greedyass sombitches I tell you! And I apologize for the cussin' but dangit, if the feds want to give me MY money back, keep your greedy paws off of it, it's MY money!
Alright, enough of my griping for now.
Peace folks (and I think we need it right now, to say the least)!

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