Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Brief Blog

Alright folks, let's TRY to write a blog.
The captain is free! America 1, Pirates 0. Nice try guys. You had us on our seats for a few days, but you see, when you mess with one of us, you mess with ALL of us, including the world's strongest military. Come on, you can't even defeat the FRENCH. You thought you'd succeed against an American ship? Give me a break. Go back to your little hole in Somalia and get a life. Try doing something productive with your life, like rebuilding your country, and stop trying to steal what's not yours.
So, I've been thinking if I should upgrade to the 21st century and do something like Twitter, but I've never been very good at fads. It'll be my luck once I get into it, Twitter will be "out" and I'll STILL be ancient. LOL - seriously though, too many viruses and other bad crap are in those popular places like Twitter and Facebook, just as was with MySpace not too long ago before it started it's decline into the "ancient fad" dept. So I'll stay here on blogger, where I met all you wonderful people and hopefully make someone smile now and then.
Work is still, well, work! Here it's been over a year, and I've accumulated a whole HALF day paid time off. I so need an extended weekend, but I'm not about to kill myself to get it. I'm going to be ok though, and I'll wait. Maybe I'll wait to accumulate my whole week's worth and disappear for a week and a half. Teehee, that would be awesome. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually go somewhere. But right now I'm more focused on getting through day by day.
I'm going to get my hair trimmed here soon, as I've decided to give my head a break from trying to grow the mop out. It's kept me as warm as could be expected for as cold as it was this winter, so I think it deserves a break. Honestly, I need a break from trying to get all the rats out of the nest! LOL I can't help it. Even if I didn't go to bed with wet hair, my hair would STILL be a rat's nest the next morning - been there, done that. It tangles easy, just as easily as I trip over my own two feet!
My shoes are indeed wonderful. My feet still hurt now and then, but not all day and not nearly as painful as the old shoes made them hurt. This week with the new shoes felt so much better than the week before.
Anyways, I'm off for now. Happy Easter to all of you Christian readers!

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