Monday, April 6, 2009

Insert fancy blog title here PLEASE!

So I'm sitting here, at the kitchen table again, bored out of my mind. It's not that I've got nothing to do, considering I have over a hundred games I could be playing or I could be reading one of my hundreds of ebooks. Or I could be getting my last load of laundry out of the dryer. But I don't WANT to do any of it. It's the weather, I tell you. Just like Cheryl down in MD, it's rainy and dreary up here too. It really bites, too, because today's supposed to be the warmest day this week. It is suddenly starting to feel like spring is losing the battle with winter again. It's just awful, not so much even the temperature, but the gloominess! I miss the warmth of yesterday. It's been so cold here lately that tempertures near 70 feel like summer. That doesn't bode well for when summer actually DOES arrive though as it'll feel even hotter! But I won't complain too much. Winter was much too cold for my taste, and I know it could've been worse! I miss the warmth of the desert sometimes, but the summers were just unbearable and going from 30 to 70 in the winter in a day will make any sane person sick and insane!
So I guess I should go down and get the rest of my laundry and then decide if I want to go run my errands or just do without my beloved tea for today. Also, if I go ahead and run my errands, I'll probably end up doing so in my old shoes, as I'm not so sure I'll want to take my new shoes out in the rain. But they're liable to keep my feet warmer too. Too many decisions this early in the day! I wouldn't even be quite done with work yet if I had to work today!
Geez, that was a trip! I ran my errands, but my dumb arse didn't put socks on and so now I have an owie on the outside of my right ankle, and I spent the whole walk home readjusting the kleenexes I was using to keep my shoe off of my ankle! But in all fairness, I was offered a ride home and I passed on it. I just didn't want to hurry home! It was nice out, and the rain had stopped. Had the sun come out, it would've been perfect! I just felt - well - rejuvinated and wasn't in any hurry to get back home. I went out last weekend, but this was different. It was like an old routine, something I haven't done in so long (partly 'cause of work, partly 'cause it's been too dang cold outside for going out on walks) that it felt good to be back in the swing. I saw a bank that'd changed names AGAIN (for the second time since I've been up here), my former bank's still an empty piece of prime real estate, the McDonald's has had a paint job on the outside (I didn't go in, I'm not in the mood oddly enough), and the convenience store has been remodeled a little bit since I'd last been in there (of course that's been MONTHS, but I still noticed). It almost felt like I'd moved away for the winter and had just come back! I really DO need to get out more often, just finding the time and energy is difficult sometimes. Today, though, I got back home feeling more energized than when I left. Unfortunately I think I lost a quarter-pound along the way LOL. That's okay though, the way I've been eating since I cooked the spaghetti yesterday, I'm still ahead for the weekend! Maybe THAT'S why I felt so refreshed - maybe all those carbs FINALLY hit my system. But why couldn't they have hit when I was hauling laundry up?
So, off I go again, hours after I started, to rest and relax for a half-hour or so before I have to test Nimbus and give the poor kitty his insulin shot for the evening. I upped his insulin dose again in the hopes that it'll push him down and keep him moving down. The poor cat has never needed this much insulin in one dose, so whatever is inside of him is fighting his body like a b***h. Poor cat, such a fighter, such a brave little fighter... Such a tolerant patient too I should add! Well, most of the time.
Peace folks!!

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