Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brief update

Hello friends. Sorry about the long delay in writing, once again. Part of me just couldn't remember what I was thinking long enough to be able to write it down, and even if I did, I didn't write enough of the thought down to be able to fully blog it. I've also got some crap going on, stuff I can't and don't want to go into. So, what's new, ya say?

Well, I finally got myself a new pair of work shoes. I just got them yesterday. Unfortunately, they're white, so they'll get dirty fast, but I NEEDED shoes bad. My old ones are still in good condition – on the outside! But the insoles are shot, and the store-bought ones aren't much help either. I was swapping insoles every 2-3 weeks and my feet were nearly constantly killing me. I took them on a short test-walk today, a walk that kinda simulates a walk to work, but not the round-trip part (you think I'd actually walk to my job on a day off - HAHAHA) just to see how they – and I – felt afterward. I also did a couple little hop-jumps (as there's a lot of times I need to jump over something or off of something, and those can be back killers in bad shoes) and a short sprint. I am definitely glad I got these shoes. And the woman who sold 'em to me – a coworker's sister! I CANNOT ESCAPE MY JOB! LOL In all seriousness though, it was my second attempt, and I should've known better. I just HAD to try kmart first as they're cheaper, but their womens' shoe section was pathetic and their mens' section was way too big for me (I am a bigfoot, but not THAT big). Luckily, there was a Payless right next door, and wouldn't you know my shoes were right there, nearly in front of the store entrance! It came down to 2 pairs, as the other 2 I tried on were either too hard or the arches were too high. I must've looked like a dork having the left shoe from one pair on the left foot and the right shoe from the other pair on my right foot! But how else are you going to compare? Unfortunately, they were a little more pricey than I like paying, but they'll earn that money back this upcoming WEEK! Ah not to be hurting all day!

Some of you know a week ago yesterday I smacked myself pretty good at work, but nothing THAT serious. Well, it's healing up just fine, the poor finger's still sensitive, but it's fresh skin, so it will be for another day or two. I'm just glad it's done hurting! And please, remind me next time to keep my fingers out of the way of heavy objects! OW!

Well, I think that's all, for now. Once again, I had more on the mind than I could remember! Oh well, I'll remember it eventually.

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