Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pick a Theme Day

Oh I had such a wonderful little post planned - and it's saved, so I always COULD post it - but beh, things have changed since I wrote it yesterday. I was even unsure yesterday when I wrote it whether or not to send it.
I was thinking about the new supreme court nominee, Sotomayor, and how she's getting a bad rap before we've even had the chance to start looking at many of her cases. I don't want a justice legislating from the bench, or unduly bringing their own opinions into the law. But in the same respect, there needs to be thought processes as well as to the meaning as well as the letter of the law. Intent has a lot to do with many things, you know.
Anyways, as I was contemplating sending it, wham. The infamous abortion provider, from the big town just a couple miles north of where I grew up, George Tiller, got gunned down today. Wasn't the first time he got shot, but this time he didn't survive it. Let me say this: personally I'm pro-life but politically I'm pro-choice, but this dude was a creep. He's one of the few in the country that would provide late-term abortions, which is hard to justify as anything BUT murder. Here's my problem: someone brought a gun INTO A CHURCH to kill him. Church is the one place we all should feel safe in, regardless of how we may be in public. God's house, whether a church, synagogue, or mosque, is no place for violence. I just can't believe someone would - but, extremists on both side of the issue have resorted to violence before, and will again we know for sure. This is just the latest incident.
Ok, off of that.
I haven't taken any pics of the cats lately, as I've not been doing ANYTHING of much lately, considering I spent the first half of last week sick as a dog and the second half recovering! I THINK I caught up on most of my sleep today though. I finally got Mr. Cat's camera out (my "cameras" aren't very good, not compared to his at least LOL) and decided to take some pics of the twins (Nimbus is in his hiding spot, and as he's already had his afternoon shot, there's no reason to drag him out). I got a few of my "little" girl, but how many times do you catch a cat in mid-shake? You know, that shake they do like when they get dirt on them. Well, I did. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I've caught yawns in full-width a good 3 times at least (twice on the Queen and once on the Prince). But a full shake, and it to come out so clear - wow. It looks as painful as when those guys on TV did the slow-mo photography on wet dogs doing it! Yet we all know it doesn't hurt - or they wouldn't do it!
As you can see, they don't get any more clear than that! I wish I could say I was TRYING to get that shot, but just as with all of the yawn shots, it's not something you try for, it's something they give you the chance to catch. I'm just lucky Mr. Cat has such a wonderful camera - and he lets me use it!

Yes, I know, my attempt at being funny and cute isn't the best, but hey, I think the picture itself says it all. Couch hogs!!!!
I am well, as well as can be expected when you've just recovered from the flu and want to go see the world so-to-speak but don't have the energy to! I took Curzon out last night but he didn't want to walk far. Perhaps I'll take him out tonight, but we'll see. Be well everyone!

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SOUL: said...

hey stranger---
glad you're feelin better. i feel bad now-- i didn't even know you were sick.
but really, i am glad you are up and around , playin cat photographer again.
i bet the kitties missed you harassing them while you were down. that, or they were relieved that the crazy cat lady wasn't buggin em. :))
you didn't have the swine flu didya?
just kiddin. i hope not. just a bug, or really the full blown flu? regardless, bein that sick really stinks.
anyhow-- hope you have a good day-