Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm awake! Teehee...

Hey ya'll. I wonder if any of you are even still reading - and I don't blame you if you're not - I'm so boring anymore! Politics is back on the back burner, where it needs to be for me, or I get too easily irritated. I've been so boring lately I haven't even read the comics lately! But things are going a WEE better at work, though right now isn't exactly a good time. But at least the sniveling has stopped - for now. I went in yesterday evening though and I just 'bout had a fit at the laziness on display. But I kept my mouth shut, got what I'd gone in for, and walked right back out. I was in no mood for them, and in all honesty, didn't care either. It was my Friday evening, so as long as they didn't call me trying to get me to come in and help, I didn't care about anything. I know it's wrong, but I work too daggum hard to NOT enjoy my weekends!
Nimbus is still being stubborn - and unpredictable. I'm about to email the vet here in a bit and try to put to words in a civil manner what I'm seeing. Let's just say this stubborn bugger of a cat is the epitomy of Murphy's Law. Just when I got him figured out and set out to prove it, he changes the game! Gargh! We took Jadzia outside last night, and even after the winds kicked up, I can't believe how well-behaved she was! This is the cat we lovingly call Spooky, because she tends to run away from everyone - including me. She normally doesn't even want to go outside, but I guess she just wanted to be with me, even if that meant being outside, and once she was outside, she was just one happy cat enjoying the fresh air. She didn't go on much of a walk - all she wanted to do was chomp grass and bushes that cats don't have any business chomping on - but she flopped so many times her little muscles are probably aching right now from the constant up-and-down's lol! She's still awake and alert though.
I made another pillow last night. Well, let me correct that. I STARTED it a few days maybe a week ago, but when I put the two pieces together and did the stitching, I went off the wrong side, so I didn't see where the other piece was shorter. So I spent most of yesterday after work (when I wasn't napping lol) stitching up the spots that needed patched up by hand. I still have to go refill my spindle, though I don't have a way of doing it automatically, like you do on REAL sewing machines, so that's going to be another one of those "bored out of my mind" tasks lol. I stuffed it a lot more than I stuffed Mr. Cat's, but that's how I like my pillows. Hm, maybe that's a metaphor for my life?!? No wonder I'm always in trouble. Ehehehehehe....
The rain finally stopped!!!!!!!!! Yesterday was actually warm, albeit humid. But the sun made a few peeks, and even when it was hidden behind the clouds, it wasn't raining one bit! OMG after nearly two weeks of clouds and rain (not exaggerating one bit there), even peeks of sun felt heavenly. It's nice and clear today, though the winds are still going at it pretty stiff. I don't care though - not now at least - because the sun's out, the creek is back to normal levels, and everything is so green. If I wasn't so afraid of dragging in ticks and fleas, I might even be tempted to roll around in the grass like a cat - but then again there's a lot of dog um - stuff - in there too I'm sure. Blasted animals LOL. (There's a thought - litterbox trained DOGS!!!!)
I was going to head up to McDonald's to get some fish sandwiches, but I just don't feel like walking in the wind, and besides... If I want fish, why not walk the extra half-mile and go to the grocery store and get even better fish for less! I might do that tomorrow inbetween loads of laundry. Then again the last time I tried to get some Catfish, they were out! Behhh... Oh well.
So anyways, I am off I guess for now. I probably will be poking my head in and out for a while, not really staying in one place for long. I have a headache TRYING to come on, but I want to listen to some music too. Beh, decisions! Maybe I'll shut the windows up and play, that way I drown out one noise (wind) for another (music). I still won't have it up that high, but I never do anymore. I hope all fo you are well, and a special hug to Jip and Enola. I am still keeping up, though I don't email or leave comments like I should. And JIP... You've already shown your independence and strength by leaving one shrink, and now a second. Daggum girl, you go! I know it's hard as hell to leave someone just after you'd started to trust them, but you know better than anyone that it's for the best. And sometimes the best advice and help comes from those who aren't paid to give it. Just remember who your friends REALLY are and you'll be fine.

OOooo a wee footnote... Mr. Cat must've been reading my mind as I was writing this... He's bringing home dinner, but it's a surprise! I love him - he knows me too well - don't waste your money on flowers n stuff that gets lost or withers away (though I will take freebie flowers lol), just FEED ME lol. I'm not hard to please, and I'm not TOO finnicky of an eater. Well, so long as it's not spicy or got icky veggies in it. I'll pass on the broccoli, etc.

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Walter parker said...

Yes Lynx, We are still reading you. Loud and clear too! Welcome back