Friday, June 5, 2009


Yesterday brought sad news for me. One of the actors that impacted me the most growing up - truly a childhood hero of mine - has died. You see, I grew up watching David Carradine on TV; my Mom was a die-hard "Kung Fu" fan, and we watched many episodes of the sequel, "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" together. I admired the way, to be frank, a badass could be such a good guy. You didn't mess with him; looks were deceiving. Even his son on the show realized that being a cop and having weapons wasn't what made a man a MAN; it takes more than weapons to make someone strong. So I, like his widow and his manager, cannot believe this man committed suicide. He had so much left to do, a movie he was set to start filming within a week included. The condition in which he was found is quite suspicious too, and I can only hope that we find out what TRULY happened for his family's sake. I just can't fathom why - OR HOW - someone could hurt the man. Needless to say, I'm still in shock.

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