Sunday, July 12, 2009

*drip* Sorry if it stinks of sweat...

*drip* Hot enough for ya? OMG poor Soul, I know she's BAKING down in TX, I shouldn't even complain! But it's just I'm not ready for the humidity I guess... But we did know it was coming, it IS summertime afterall!
Hello my friends.
Well this week went smoother. Thank goodness too. I'm much too tired to fuss with these people right now. I'm fed up with people. I'm fed up with children especially. I guess I was just raised differently. You didn't act up at all or you didn't get anything AND you didn't get to go with the next time. You sure as heck didn't wander off or grab at things, or you were guaranteed a beating. Luckily I knew and understood it early and it wasn't an issue for the most part. So I have no tolerance for kids running around the store like its their home. It's not!
I'm so tired of the Michael Jackson talk. We all knew he was drugged up. But it was so sad to see his children so heartbroken, but that's to be expected. But the tv coverage is OLD.
I got sick this week, but I'm feeling better. I'm glad too, because it was rough trying to work as sick as I was! But it was more pain than illness... OOFAH that was hell!
Nimbus is doing better it seems... *knock on wood* things are starting to look like he's stabilizing. But having to get all his shit at once was expensive - and nerve-wearing! Last week right around the time I got sick I walked down to the pharmacy after calling them to refill the needle prescription. Well, over an hour later I got up there and THEN they told me that they didn't have a box. So Friday I went to the grocery store pharmacy and got business taken care of (which I'll get to in a minute - another story lol). That saved me like 3 bucks in the long run too, never mind the walk! His test strips came in Saturday, for not much more than I paid for them the last time. The insulin is in the mail - and hopefully it arrives soon - for a good 15 less than I pay at the pharmacy. So once it arrives, I'll be fully stocked - for a little while!
Now onto the drama that was the attempt to get the needles. As I said, I'd gone to the pharmacy, only to return home empty handed, and then went to the grocery store pharmacy Friday to get the prescription transferred (I'm STILL a wee angry with Rite-Aid for that crap). Well I literally had like 40 minutes to get the script filled, get dinner, and get the old needles disposed of and still make the bus. Well I got the ball rolling on the script and walked over to the little vet clinic inside PetsMart to get them to dispose of the old needles (which they really didn't want to do). I got back to the grocery store where I learned the pharmacy wasn't going to let the transfer go through until they got their money for the ONE BAG from me. So I had to call them (on my prepaid cell, costing me more money) and haggle with them, finally getting them to charge the whole 3 bucks on my card over the phone, and then I had to wait on them to call the grocery store themselves. So while I'm waiting on that I'm tearing through the grocery store rounding up dinner. Got that paid for, and then had to beg the grocery store pharmacy to hurry it up, since I was trying to catch the bus to save myself the mile and a half walk home (luckily she understood). So, I got out of there with the needles, tore out of there and started tearing across the parking lot as fast as I could. I got to the other end and noticed the other bus hadn't come yet which meant the one I needed hadn't either. So I finally got across the street (it's a busy bitch you cross half at a time - not safe but better than praying for two breaks). I had called home and told my man that I was going to be able to catch the bus home, and once I got to the bus stop, quick unzipped my backpack and got my work stuff off so I wasn't baking in all my layers (that's how much of a hurry I was in - I usually do that at work). No sooner than I got all the clothes and the needles stuffed in the backpack and got it zipped back up, I see the bus! Talk about good timing! But by the time I got home, I was exhausted from all the running. Never mind I was still feeling a little under the weather!
I'm happy to say the least that all the legwork for Nimbus is under the weather. He's looking good too, except he's gaining way too much weight. He's not supposed to be this big - but no matter how much I cut back their food, he doesn't seem to lose the weight. Their food intake has been cut in HALF in the last month or two. He's still not losing weight! So this week I'm going to discuss with the vet whether the diet food is going to change his count as compared to the diabetic food. The caloric content has to be at the right level for the insulin to be at maximum efficiency. And considering I just spent a lot of money on this cat's stuff (85 for the insulin, 55 for the test strips, and 33 on the needles), I really, REALLY want to make sure I'm not going to screw him up when I drop another 45-50 on food. I just hope we find a solution that will be as good if not better than the one we currently have. This is the most optimistic I've been about Nimbus' condition in a very long time. But I've had to learn a lot along the way. Heck he's SUPPOSED to adapt to the change in insulin dosage within a few days - he takes weeks, which means weaning him down will take more patience and time than originally expected. Wet food is completely out - even the prescription sends him into a tailspin. Luckily, I understand the need for patience and I'm not willing to give up on this cat - for better or for worse, I'm giving it one hell of a fight - he deserves it. He's been through so much the last 7 months, he's come so far, to give up on him now would be insanely stupid.
Now my body on the other hand - that's a completely different story! My body is rejecting butter and mayo, and now Oreo's! I ate TWO and my stomach gave me fits for a few minutes. That is SO not fair! Luckily I've not been in a mood for them lately, but still. I've been on a major cereal kick lately, just not when you NORMALLY eat cereal. But I'm not getting up at 3 to eat breakfast. 4am is too damn early as it is! I see all these people lounging around at 7 or 8am, I just want to scream in jealousy! I tell you, if I hit the lottery, I'm paying someone to come in at 4am to give Nimbus his morning shot - no, wait, I won't have to work so we'll make his shots at 8am and pm. I'll have a semi that comes once a year to deliver my cat litter so I don't ever have to haul it home myself. I'll hire a kid to come in every day to scoop the box. Oh please, what am I saying... I have a hard time letting anyone else take care of my cats NOW, that won't change! I'll still be waking up at 4am pampering the Boo, scooping the cat box before I head off to work... "Work" will just be going out to the farm to take care of all my sick rescue kitties instead! Dangnabit, I need to hit the lottery bad! No kitty will ever have to be put down for getting sick again! Just give me the "kitty sucker" sign now, I know, I know... Blame Curzon! He melted me from the moment I laid eyes on him and it ain't stopped since. But if you stared deep into his big beady eyes, you'd understand. There's more soul in those two eyes than there is in a lot of humans' eyes. I don't need children to have my "family" - my furry brood is entertaining enough for me, thank you very much!
Well folks, I'm off for now, as I should try to kick back and relax as it's my day off! I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and hey, if you Aussies want some heat, I'll do my best to send some down. But you gotta take some of the humidity too... It's the cost of doing business with me! LOL Peace!

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Walter parker said...

Glad things are better for you and Nimbus this week Lynx!