Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nimbus!
Our beloved little patient (ok, not so little) turns 7 tonight, so today is party day!
It's hard to believe it's been that long since he came flying out (almost literally) but it has. He was no bigger than a mouse, and actually looked just like one except for that face! Yes, he's always had the same serious face, just smaller and (much) smaller ears. I will never forget that night and that whole 48 hours actually. We didn't even know for sure if Jadzia was pregnant until the day she had him, and even then we weren't for SURE it was a spine! It's not like she got big, she was never showing, but with only one kitten in there, and a small one at that, it's not hard to hide! 7 years ago last night, there was a bad storm in Iowa, where we were at, and the twins fell asleep under the table, together, Curzon wrapping his paw around his sister, holding her through the night. Just before midnight the next night, she went into labor, and the shortest one at that. She came up to me, I jumped over her, grabbed two towels, laid them down, and no sooner than she laid down, he was out - with only two contractions! So, no, I will NEVER forget what happened this day 7 years ago - or how far all 4 of us have come. We finally have a stable, secure family with Mr. Cat - something I didn't even think would happen (after all I'd been through, I was wary of all men, but he proved me wrong, HAPPILY) and three (mostly) healthy cats.
So what did Nimbus get for his birthday? One of Mr. Cat's socks, cut off at the ankle, filled with Nip, and tied off. Of course, he shared, but he got first bite on it, and rub, and kick... LOL. Hopefully this excitement and (somewhat) exercise will help his diabetes too. Time will tell, he still has over two hours until his next poke. But I sure do think he has had quite a birthday, though I'm not sure he liked his powder bath. I forgot just how deep the powder goes and I had to pat most of it out of him, even after 3 brushings! But you should see him now - looking like he just came from the groomers, without all the drama and water!
So anyways, I am off for now, to try something I've never made before (wish me luck). Hope everyone is enjoying their lazy Sunday, as my babies are here!

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