Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Thought...

If there were a version of the contest Misha's currently involved in, which one of my cats would I submit? The strong yet gentle and nurturing Curzon? The ever-royal, always-smiling beauty that is Jadzia? Or the regal charming prince Nimbus? I can't decide! Curzon isn't one for being pampered, and Jadzia's not big on crowds, but Nimbus isn't big on outdoors at all! So it'd have to be an indoor cat contest... but still! Needless to say, GO MISHA GO!
As some of you know (if you've kept up muwahaha) Nimbus' birthday was Sunday and it went splendid, as much as a sick kitty's birthday can be! We're gearing up for the twins' birthday now, which is on the first of the month. Since we just released a nip toy, making another one wouldn't work (Curzon hasn't managed to destroy this one quite as quickly). And since Curzon hates being groomed (though thanks to his recent fur issues, he's grown much more tolerant of petting down below his collar - something that once got your blood drawn), I'm thinking some one-on-one time with me is better (not that he doesn't get a lot of that). But Jadzia needs her time too, but she will LOVE her powderbath! I'll have to do their claw trimmings soon though (as Curzon's especially are getting very long), so I'll probably do that tomorrow. I will hopefully have some more pics from the birthday party (well, if you can call it a party) after the fact.
Oh and Poppy darling - do make sure your human gives you a hug for me, you've been quite, well, adorable!

Kahless, Jip - check your email.

Alrighty folks, off I go to bed. Nini!

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