Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Run-Down

Hello there my friends. A few quick things, as I don't really feel like writing right now.
1. Curzon is doing better. I'm still finding mats, but not nearly as many - so I think I'm finally catching up. I did accidentally nip him though - first time ever. But I know when I did it - and he had squirmed big time right at that moment. But it's nothing but a surface scratch - his sister's done worse to him trust me lol. But as a precaution, I did rub some antibiotic cream on it, just to help him out.
2. Nimbus is doing better. His numbers *so far* have started to come back down from his food-induced semi-jump. He's feeling better too, you can tell. Over the last few weeks we've seen him get more playful and less tolerant of what the other two do to him. Atta boy!
3. I've decided to try to sell my wood bead bracelets. I don't know how yet, but I've got to figure it out. Any ideas would be helpful.
4. I finally got a full, good night's sleep last night! Woohoo! Man I know it sounds weird, but with the aches and bugs I've had to fight this last month or so, that's been rare. I even went right back to sleep after giving Nimbus his shot. That is even more rare, even when I'm feeling good! I just wish I could bottle this up and save it for when I need it. But don't we all?
5. I'm in the process of getting ready to reformat my PDA - AGAIN. Ugh. So I'll end up spending the better part of a weekend offline. I'll let you know when I do it, though it'll probably be this upcoming weekend. I doubt I'll have the energy or time to do it during the week. I might do it tomorrow though if I am ready, but that's doubtful. Too much to sort out still and tomorrow is laundry day.
6. Talking about tomorrow, tomorrow's supposed to be a scorcher. So much for me going to the laundromat. And I'll be staying up probably tomorrow morning because I plan to be at the bank early so I can get started on my laundry early so I'm not hauling up laundry at 3pm when it's feeling like 110 outside. No thanks.
7. Man if you're up my way, was that a storm or what earlier? That was the quickest monster downpour I've seen. I bet further east the wind damage is worse, but I shut my windows because the wind was so strong it was a horizontal rain - nearly into my apartment! Naw, don't need wet carpet. But that storm was in and out in 10 minutes I think. That was one booking-it storm!

Now folks, I am off to find my way to bed so I can hopefully have another good night's sleep. I wish everyone else rest and relaxation as well.
A special shout-out to a friend I haven't stopped by to say hi to in a while: Andrew, I am still reading, but I apologize for not stopping by your blog lately. Ask anyone around here, I don't stop much of anywhere anymore. Blogs get emailed, I do a quick read in Reader, and off I go again to the mad rush. And Cheryl, you too my dear. I must stop by and see all of you - every last one of you, however many of you there are now - soon. Maybe that'll be tomorrow since I'm going to pretty much be stuck indoors. We'll see.
Goodnight folks.

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Walter parker said...

Glad to hea rthat all are feeling a little better at your place. Hope ther heat there doesn't knock you back too much. You coul;d of course send a little of it our way if you like, it is very cold here again.
Well take care there!