Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello peeps.
First of all, I am feeling better. It's taking time, but I'm getting there. I've heard of a LOT of people having the same "bug" I am getting over - whatever the hell it was. It's been one hell of a week, and I got to tell you, when I get sick, my luck goes right along with my energy and appetite down the drain!
Nimbus is doing well. He spiked this afternoon, but I think that was the stress of trying to get him from under the bed. He was hiding not because of him not wanting his shot, but of all the stuff he heard from his big uncle Curzon.
You see, SOMETHING is up with that cat's fur. He suddenly got oily. I noticed a mat or two a couple days ago (and he does NOT mat) so today I went to get it out, and the poor guy ended up losing a lot of fur on his hind end. Then I went to give him a bath, but instead of breaking the oils down, it seems to have only spread it, so I had to cut even more mats out. The poor guy is without fur on the hind quarter of his body and a couple small, minutely noticeable (if at all) patches on his shoulders. I HOPE this is it, though if I discover more, he's getting another bath - this time with something de-oiling like Dawn or Head and Shoulders (which should only be used in emergencies... trust me I have done this before, though not in a very long time). If that doesn't work, he's gonna have to go bald on his body. I'm not going to have a matted-up cat. But I am left to wonder WHY he suddenly got oily, over the last week or so. Maybe he got my bug and it sent his body whacky? I don't know. I will talk to the vet about it when she calls. I just can't afford another vet expense!
Other than that, there's not much going on around here. It's official, though, the cats are on a diet. The food FINALLY came today. I'm so glad, and hope that this helps the cats out. I think all three of them could stand to lose some weight, but trust me, they're not fat cats. A little chubby maybe - but trust me, if you wrestled with Curzon in the bathtub like I did today, you wouldn't call him fat. He wore me out from head to toe, and he was being a good boy about it! Imagine what it's like when he's a bad boy during bath time! Then again he hasn't had a bath in AGES, probably a year or more.
Work still has me exhausted, but what's new. I don't know how NOT to work my rear end off. I have to, it's my job. I just wish everyone else saw it that way, that way no one or two of us would have to run so friggin' hard. But most people anymore are so lazy, it really drives me up the wall. I can't understand why anyone, especially in this economy, would be so sub-par at their job. No one, no matter how much value you think you have in a company, is safe from getting "let go" right now. Someday, hopefully soon, the economy will recover, but right now we have to be thankful for what we have more than ever, because tomorrow you could be laid off, homeless, and alone. It happens every day.
Anyways, I am off for now. Take care my friends!

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