Monday, September 21, 2009


(Before I get started, pardon any spelling errors or typos, I ain't got time to check!)
Hey folks.
I just wanted to post a quick note to you all to watch for tomorrow's blog (hopefully I'll get to it LOL). It's too late now for me to boot up the PC and do it (as I should already be lights-out in bed instead of just sitting up in bed on the pda) but I just got done taking some funny pictures of the cats. On the agenda:
1. What happens when you're getting ready to move something and a cat notices the changes that you're making so you CAN move the object.
2. What happens when you're trying to be nice to a wet cat.
3. Well, just a good shot of Curzon. Do I need a reason? LOL
Hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow, but seeing as it'll be MY Monday tomorrow, we will see.
Ok enough about tomorrow. Real quickly a few other things from today:
1. Does laundry ever stop piling up?
2. Hot tub = great r&r. Hot tub + upset belly = good r&r + nap.
3. Can these politicians ever STFU? We still don't have a health insurance package (and from what I'm hearing, I really don't like the one up right now). Race is an issue AGAIN (wasn't this resolved a year ago... Geez). We got pols not wanting to send more troops to Afghanistan to win that war (forget Karzai, we need to get the people back on our side, and we will do that by helping them build infrastructure and keeping them safe).
4. Nimbus got a little more fur cut out today, but luckily most of it is unnoticeable because of all the surrounding fur. The only part that noticeably grew was right at the base of the tail, but I knew there was more there. I just wanted to give the boy a break. I'm still not thoroughly convinced his hind end is clean enough (where his fur got trimmed), but we will see. I might do a spot powder bath on that area to see if that helps. I think between the fur he lost in the bath and the trimmings he's gotten, he's lost 3 kittens' fur now! LOL but at least he didn't end up like Curzon.
5. Speaking of Curzon, he's still being a champ about it all. He's been glued to my side every moment I've been home this weekend (which wasn't nearly as much as normal) except when Jadzia beats him to my side LOL.
Ok, I really must get to bed. So off I go to post this while I feed the masses erp cats lol. Be well my friends.

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