Friday, September 25, 2009

Popping my head in...

Howdy friends. Sorry I haven't written in a while - or maybe I have, I have no clue lol - but when you're feeling icky in the stomach, you tend to not write too much. I'm not sick - though sometimes it feels like it - I'm just a bit queasy.
Nimbus decided to spike last night, so I'm trying to get him to come back down. But I'm not boosting his insulin yet, he's doing fine on his own. It's probably all the milk he's gotten the last couple days as I felt I needed to make sure he was fine down *there* for a little while. Plus, with all the boy's been through this week, doesn't he deserve a treat? I think so!
I'm going to try to make another round at everyone's blogs this weekend, probably Sunday evening (depending on when the football game is and if I head out to watch it or decide to stay in). As much as I feel a need to go all out for this game (as it's a very big one), I can't risk getting myself sick either.
I'm such a wimp too, especially right now. With the tummy not feeling like itself, I decided it was a good reason to flush it out and take a break from my tea. Well, that lasted all of TWO days! Dangit, I AM hooked! But I figure every little bit helps. Right now, I have to focus on eating, even if that makes things temporarily worse. I can't afford to lose weight. I ain't about to lose my fat ass already (it's a joke peeps lol).
Mr. Cat made stuffed peppers Wednesday night, YUM YUM, so I think I still have one more dinner left. We only had 4 because there wasn't any more big ones worthy of stuffing at the grocery store when I got them. He gave one of his away and got some pretty tasty chicken stuff in return, but it has stuff in it that has milk in it, so only a nibble for me. I know, I have pills for that, but I'm not out to push my luck. For those of you who don't know how to make it, it's really quite simple, we just altered a recipe we found online slightly. But you DO have to like green peppers obviously lol. I do suppose you could use other colored ones though. But those will wait until italian sausage night - which I'm betting is going to be soon because I'm craving them! And then I'll have to cave in and let Mr. Cat get his burrito night in lol. But seeing as that's one that I do, he's going to have to wait for a day I'm not so plum exhausted. Thank God I got one of them slap choppers - it's a good way of venting my anger and dicing food at the same time LOL! Oh and OMG it's an eye saver from onions trust me. That's the reason we got it LOL.
Anyways, I am off for now, as it is much more comfy on my tummy to be laying down rather than sitting up. Even half-up is better. And since I still have to get through tomorrow and tomorrow's going to be a long day, I really must get as much healing in as possible while I can. I hope you southerners are enjoying your spring because you're making us northerners miserable with all that sunlight! Haha just kidding, but seriously, enjoy it, because I know winter was too long for many of you. I just pray our mild summer doesn't mean we're going to end up with one hell of a winter - yuck yuck yuck!

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