Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cats, cats and more CATS!

Ahhh heavenly.
I've spent most of today laying down or at least semi-down still trying to get rid of whatever has my stomach upset. I've had both of the twins with me almost the entire time, and then some. I spent most of yesterday evening in bed with all 3 cats, I think I woke up with the twins still there somewhere. After I finally got up (if you count moving from bed to couch lol), I had Curzon on my left side and Jadzia either on me or on my right side. I spent an hour sitting up flanked by the twins. It's like they know I'm not feeling good and they've taken it upon themselves to help me feel better. I think they've succeeded. At least right now I'm feelng the best I've felt in a few days, though the nausea still makes its passes, but only briefly now. Then again, I've yet to test trying to eat something more substantial than a banana. But hey, I got to start somewhere! Needless to say, I'm staying home today, no going out and watching the game. It's a later game anyways (4pm vs. 1pm) so I'll be watching probably from the comfort of bed trying not to yell so loud I disturb the whole neighborhood lol (thereby upsetting my poor tummy). Not that I'm saying I'll succeed - but I'll be trying.
Nimbus is recovering from his spike quite well. He's had 4 straight lower tests, so he's doing great. If he keeps this up I will be able to bring him down like I intended to do earlier in the week. Patience is a virtue, one I'm having to learn very painstakingly slow sometimes. But just watching this cat doing so well is worth it all. I was playing with him for a little while when I first got up and I saw him run, sprint, and pounce like I haven't seen since he was a few pounds lighter. He's definitely feeling better, and it makes me feel better. He's not taking as much crap from the other two as well. I've seen him throw up his back feet at Curzon (he's a back fighter, not a sitting fighter - he loves using those back kicking paws and does it very well) and stand his ground when mama hisses at him. But he's not above sleeping right with her, just making sure he's behind her paws!
Anyways, I am off for now, as I COULD talk politics, but I really don't FEEL like it. I just want to yell out what my Mom would probably say, "Fire them all and start over again because they're ALL useless!" Then again, I think that's true of all politicians, regardless of country. I bet Walter would agree the Aussie ones are about as worthless, and Kahless about the British ones. There's sometimes a good one in there, but they're rare to find it seems.
Adios my friends!
And remember: VOTE FOR MISHA!!!

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Walter parker said...

Yeah lynx. Our PM is over your way at the moment, and you are most welcome to keep him there. Please?