Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun Facts via Nimbus

Hey friends! Guess what? We have mom home for a few days, so we're going to perhaps catch up with all of you SOMETIME this week! We told her it was time she quit leaving us every single morning so early so she finally caved and said she'd stay with us for a few days. We hope it's a lot longer but we'll take whatever we can get.

We thought you'd like to know a few odd things you probably don't know about us, though some of you humans that actually know mom probably have heard her mention it.

Curzon loves to eat plastic, yarn, you name it. If he can get his teeth around it, he'll at least try to eat it. Mom tries her hardest to stop him, but now and then he sneaks by her. It's the probable reason one of his fangs got chipped a few years back – probably from him trying to eat the humans' telephone! He's also the reason we're not allowed twist-tie strings anymore, because he ate the paper right off of them. He's the mushy one of us, as when mom picks him up, he will usually go limp and put up with anything she puts him through. He gets cuddled more than most, but not because he is so demanding, but because mom's always grabbing him!

Jadzia just licks plastic bags, but half of the time you can't tell for sure what she's doing. She also loves batting twist-ties around (which is why we used to have little strings of them). But because of big brother, she now has to settle for paperwads, which seems to suit both of them fine. She's a lap cat, even though Coons aren't supposed to be, but you can't just put her on your lap and expect her to stay. She IS the queen after all, and so everything is on her terms. She absolutely loves attention, and if you start petting her, you best be prepared to devote a large amount of time to her.

I, Prince Nimbus, however, am much more sophisticated. I prefer things that move, like shoelaces. But I love to chomp my teeth into wood too. At least I don't try to eat the dining room table! I make sure mom remembers to fill up the food bowl at night, and I make sure that the litterbox isn't too stinky and sometimes bury what the other two leave behind. I guess it's just part of the prince's job to clean up after the king and queen. Meh.


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