Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello friends! As my dear Nimbus alluded to in yesterday's post, I am finally taking a vacation, and even better, taking it at home with the cats! Unfortunately this doesn't mean that I get to sleep in, as there's still a sick cat to take care of and an itchy cat to monitor. But I'm happy to be off for a few days to be able to just focus on me and the cats. They really don't like me leaving every morning, and even just on my normal two days off, they tend to cling to me a bit. So I doubt much will get done on vacation - but some of that is by design. I'll spend one day, maybe two, cleaning etc. But for the majority of the vacation, I'm doing absolutely nothing that requires any amount of work, except perhaps making something to eat.
So of course what do I do first when I'm on vacation? Go back to bed, of course! Granted, I'm sitting up (I'm much to wide awake to fall back asleep, heck I woke up at 4am without my alarm clock), but I'm back under the covers and enjoying the peace and quiet. Curzon is in here on the scratching post's lower level, keeping a watch on everything that's (not) happening. Jadzia briefly came up to visit me but when Nimbus jumped up in bed, she left. She'll be back though, she always is. I don't think I'll venture far from here today, though I don't know. It depends I guess on if the sun comes out for one. I probably should soak up some sunshine while it's not TOO cold outside, but we'll see what I decided to do.
As for getting around to see everyone, I probably will start that this afternoon, once most of you have made your morning posts. That way no one gets lost in the shuffle of my disorganization! Until then, be well ya'll!

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Cat with a Garden said...

Vacation must be one of our favourite words!