Saturday, October 17, 2009

I forgot a title!

Hello friends! This week is a big week here in the House of Cat. Tomorrow marks 8 years since I first rescued Curzon. We celebrate anniversaries a little more than birthdays for the twins because it's a more certain date. I can't believe it's been 8 years honestly. I know it's his "gotcha" day, but I feel like I'm the one that's been "gotcha'd" so to speak. I am not so convinced I found him. He found me. He adopted me as his human for some reason unknown to me at that time and still a little unsure of now and then. Curzon and I bonded instantly, almost like the feline version of love at first sight. It was more of an "OMG I have to save this little furball" though - looking back, maybe that's the same line of thought he had going through his head when he first looked at me. As much as I rescued him, he rescued me. But he was woefully alone, even with me next to him.
Tuesday marks Jadzia's "gotcha" day. She was a most stubborn little one, and still is today. We took much longer to bond, and though she chose to have her little boy right in front of me, we still had a LOT of bonding to do. It's taken almost all 8 years to get her to not run away from me every time I walk near her. You'd think after that long she'd know I wasn't going to kick her, step on her, or chase her. But haha, nope, but she's improving. She's the little lady that has to be pampered when she says so, and she doesn't take too kindly to the attention stopping before she says so. But to call her demanding would be demeaning, as she's been nothing but the sweetest little lady - except to her son. But she's raised a fine young mancat-in-training, if I must say so myself. For still being a kitten herself when she had Nimbus, she turned out to be quite the mother. It's amazing to see how much of it was instinct on her part and how much of it was just natural-born kitten curiousity. Let's just say Jadzia's tail had a tail!
So, at least for a couple days, we're going to at lest try to be happy. We're going to get in lots of cuddles (perhaps double cuddles - maybe?!?) and maybe a treat or two when Nimbus isn't looking. For one day we are going to try our hardest to forget about everything else going on around here. Maybe Curzon and I will have a little wrestling match, or a game of chase the paperwad. I bet Jadzia would just be happy with some one-on-one attention, even though she gets it every night almost. This weekend is the cats' weekend to celebrate 8 years of stability, security, and most importantly, love. But it's also a chance to look back at all the laughs they've given us over the years. The personalities under this roof in itself have been quite comical. Let's see how long it takes for Curzon to get his rear kicked like it constantly did when he was a kitten. I do believe Jadzia is getting to the point she's out to pay him back for all the chasing he's done this year... This will likely be a very entertaining weekend... LOL!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

CONGRATS!!! What a great story, you've made our day :)

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary!

I was "chosen" by a stray just this week. I LOVE him, but gave him to my husband, as he has no kitties at all, and needs one to love. Not to mention that my adult cats went completely spastic when I broght him home...

I love people that make room in their lives for animals that need homes.

Hugs, and happy Sunday!