Sunday, October 18, 2009

I will NOT forget a title today!

Hey folks. Sorry, no pictures today. The memory card is still in the camera after the last round went on the website. I just don't have enough lighting here to get the great videos off that I did earlier in the week or whenever that was. Besides, it's been so cold here that I've been hibernating under the covers nearly constantly from the time I get home from work until the time I go back!
jadzia is doing great. I'm actually going to skip her cortizone pill today and see how she goes from there. I'm still not thoroughly convinced the Advantage worked, so we'll soon see. Next time, I'm definitely going back to the Revolution. Screw this crap and the way it made their fur look for a couple days. If I wanted that, I'd just go to the grocery store and buy some.
I had a weird dream last night, and normally I don't share my dreams but this time I thought I would. I don't remember exactly how it came about in the dream, but by the end of it, Nimbus' diabetes was gone and he was actually a healthy weight. It's not that he's not healthy right now, but my God to see my cat go from nearly dead and struggling to stay in double digit weight to being on the verge of going over 20lb is dramatic. He's obviously feeling groovy though. Maybe that's why I had the dream. Who knows...
Speaking of Nimbus feeling groovy, I think he had enough of waiting on me and finally demanded the little tv be moved off of HIS scratching post by jumping straight to the top:jump to the top of the box, grab hold of the pole, and jump up to the top landing. I will soon have to take a picture of this gigantic scratching post, but it'll have to wait for now. He just about knocked the tv off of the post when he did it though, and to hear the insta-purrs the moment he got up there, I couldn't deny him, so I moved the tv. In the process, however, OMG I got started on a cleaning frenzy that wore me out. I told ya'll I had to attack my side of the bed again, and glad I did. I really need to quit being so daggum lazy after work! Beh... someday! Anyways, so now Nimbus is so happy he has his post back he's back to sleeping on the couch! Figure that out. But he did let me cuddle with him briefly last night when I finally went to bed, so I'm happy.
Curzon is doing well... Enjoying his gotcha day for sure. I think maybe Jadzia knows as well, because they've been behaving today - which considering the way they've been going at it lately, is quite amazing! I doubt that's going to last very long though, as Curzon has a way of making her get very mad at him now and then. But with her feeling thousands of times better, you can bet she's not taking his crap anymore.
I want to also take a brief moment to thank all of you for your well wishes when I let everyone know about sweet Magic. She was the sweetest little girl - literally! But if you will excuse me, Curzon is making a paperwad mountain at my feet so I guess I best take the hint and play with him, eh?

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Lucy the Cat said...

Jadzia is a little like Lucy in that she's afraid of strangers but loves my husband and me. Poor Nimbus sure has gone through a lot health-wise. It's so hard to see them sick.