Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hi Again

Today has been a most relaxing day, and I have needed it. I've managed to be lazier today than I even am on my normal days off! For most of the day as well, at least one cat has been hanging out with me, though right now they're all somewhere off in the other room hanging out by themselves. They're probably crashed out in the kitchen as I just gave them a rare treat: some milk (my lactaid milk of course - lower in sugar = better for Boo). So I'm kicked back relaxing enjoying the silence (with the exception of my keyboard and the gentle hum of the CPU). I've not had much of an appetite today though I have gotten myself to eat a little bit. Perhaps later I will eat some more but right now that's not for right now.
Nimbus is doing great - almost scary great. He did a 30 point drop during the day today and I'm not quite sure why. I haven't played with him except for first thing this morning. He's been sleeping all day as always. I don't get it. Maybe whatever had him spiked up over the last week or so is out of his system. But as my vet says, cats are hard to keep regulated, and any little thing can change things up completely. Nimbus OWNS the difficult title, as well as the stubborn title!
Jadzia's itching has come back over the last week, so after a brief respit from getting pilled daily, she's back on the cortizone pills. The vet was nice enough to send me some more in the mail, saving me a trip up there. I probably could've walked up there from the bus stop, but it's a very busy street and I don't think it's a short trip either. It's not like I couldn't do it, I can walk a good 3-4 miles if I must, but WHY WOULD I? So I will just send her a check here shortly and we'll be good. I love my vet!
I am glad to inform everyone that Curzon is, well, being Curzon! There's nothing to really update here, as he's always his normal self, issue-free (so far, knock on wood). He seems to be losing weight even though he seems to be eating slightly more (but the food he is eating isn't as fatty so he burns off everything he ate overnight chasing his sister during the morning), but it's all good.
I don't have any pictures yet, as I only took a couple this morning and I haven't bothered to take the stick out of the camera and edit the pictures down. I'll get to that - eventually. They're not anything special, or I'd be the first to show them off. It's been cloudy and gloomy outside, though it's been dry, so there's not been any sunpuddle to catch them enjoying. And without the natural lighting, the pictures are harder to get because of that meanie flash. I did get a really good spooky-eye shot though that will probably be up on the blog tomorrow or sometime soon (like I said, when I get around to it lol).
Right now I am off to check into which pictures I can turn into a pocketpc theme (techie term for the pda version of a desktop image) and see if I can remember which proggie on this som****** of a pc I used to edit the pictures down! I have too many pic editors and I can't remember which one I used for said purpose. Don't ask me why I have so many, I don't know. It's like all the purses I have. I know why I have some, but some of them I have no idea why they're on my PC except I know there was a reason at one time! Thankfully, also like the purses, I stopped collecting before it became an issue. I still don't understand why I have 6 purses! But, hey, I'll figure it out someday, right? I just wish I had like 6 pairs of sneakers instead. That way when one pair started to get a little uncomfortable, I could switch sneakers and let them get some air and let those insoles get a break. Then again, where would I put all those shoes? And would Mr. Cat let me survive with so many? LOL hehehe... I do think I should get another pair though.. but good shoes are so expensive, but when you're on your feet constantly, they're a necessity.
Anyways, I am off for a bit to enjoy the quiet a little longer. Maybe I'll do some PC maintenance... Yeah, that's what I'll do. No effort there!


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

We enjoy lots of shoes, more spots to zzzzz!

Fin said...

Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement. Hope everyone is okay there.