Friday, October 2, 2009


As we approach the twins' "gotcha" days, or as we call them here, their rescue anniversaries, I realized there's so many new readers here that don't know how this all started. This wasn't planned, wanted, or even thought of. But once it started, there was no turning back, and looking back, I'm not sure who needed who more.
It was back in 2001 - a year hellish enough for most Americans, made even worse for me by the death of my Mom that January. Things were going sour in the relationship I was in at that point too, and I knew it then, but felt powerless to do anything, if I even had any idea of what I could do.
That fateful day in September was doubly hard on us. We were supposed to be IN DC that morning but overslept. His cat was sick (because he was FIV+ and didn't take care of him, and I COULDN'T) and the stress of the move the month before sent him for a talespin. So we spent the morning either glued to the TV or in the vet hospital glued to the radio while we were waiting for the vet to come out. I knew the news wasn't good, though (insert adjective here) didn't think he was that sick. I wasn't stupid though, I know any cat with feline aids is pretty much doomed.
Long story short, the cat got put down the following Monday, though not without one hell of a fight on the vet's part. A month later, this scrawny, nasty, oil-covered, flea-ridden, malnourished, starving kitten was brought in by an employee of my bf's uncle (whom we were renting a room off of that that time). I took one look at that kitten, snatched him, and started to clean him up as best I could. Four long baths and probably half a bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo later (no Dawn available sadly), I had gotten the worst of everything off of the poor scrawny kitten. I still had some food left over that hadn't been contaminated either by the previous cat or the mice, so that's what I fed him, and to my surprise, he was able to eat it (probably because he hardly ever chews LOL). I made it well known I wanted any other kittens that they could catch (omg if the rest were like this one, I thought, they all needed my help - though I had no idea how I was going to feed them). That is how Curzon found me. I didn't find him, he found me for sure, and we were insta-bonded! Our two nights together were spent him in the inside of my arm as I had it folded up, hand under my head. The day after that second night alone (a day and a half later or so from rescuing Curzon), we received word that they'd found another kitten but it was trapped in an abandoned car (the uncle was trying to clear out a storage lot he had used when his tow truck company was still operational). Well instead of bringing a strong guy to the car, they hitched the car onto a tow truck and brought it - and the kitten - to us. So that's why one of Jadzia's nicknames is jumpy kitty - it was very traumatic for her, to say the least. There was no doubt when the kitten was being brought in and I got Curzon out to meet her (not allowing them to touch since Jadzia was as filthy as Curzon had been when he was rescued) that they were siblings - and seeing them together you couldn't barely tell them apart! Twins!!!!!
After they were back together, there was no separating them again. That was ok though, they needed to re-bond. Shortly after the holidays, Jadzia had to be rushed to the vet (the same one that tried to save the last cat) because she ate too much of the tree (I told him not to buy a live pine tree *grr*). At that time, I also had the vet figure out how old she probably was, and he put her (and therefore Curzon too) birthhday at September 1.
That is how it started: two hungry, filthy kittens needing a safe, dry place to grow and play. I found so much joy (along with the litterbox training stress) in raising those two kittens on my own that I will never forget all their little antics. The laughter hasn't stopped 8 years and another kitten later! Wow... 8 years... time flies!
Some first-year memories:
1. Curzon vs wrapping paper.
2. Dog-and-Curzon vs Dog-and-Jadziaa.
3. Kangaroo kittens - or WWE kittens.
4. Curzon using my leg as a climbing post.
5. Jadzia's never-ending mouse torturing.
6. Curzon's big catch.
7. Twins vs big rat - all parties tear off as fast as they can in separate directions!
8. The makeshift crate and run.
9. Mr. Cat meets the twins.
10. Jadzia vs outdoors
11. Jadzia pregnant?!?
12. Cuddle-fest night before delivery.
13. Delivery.
14. Big brother becomes surrogate father, protects kitten.
What a year that was! 2002 was a big year for all of us, with lots of changes, all for the best. But I'm not sure what was funnier, watching the twins grow up or watching Nimbus grow up.
1. Nimbus vs Mother - poor kitty never could get out of the nest without being noticed!
1a. Full steam ahead! OUCH! I hit something! Let's do it again!
2. Nimbus vs dry food - wth?
3. Nimbus vs water - ACK! Yuck! HELP!
4. Nimbus vs the monster-sized litterbox
5. Einstein fur
6. The hike of Mt. Loveseat
7. Nimbus finding his way into the tub
8. Rescuing the Ivory soap from Nimbus
9. "It's different litter, Nimbus, it's NOT cat food!"
10. Chompin' Nimbus - on chair arms, on plastic, on human feet...
11. Nimbus vs the "whip" toy
12. Rejection - sorta (end of nursing)
I have to wrap this up - just writing this I'm laughing myself an upset stomach!

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The Creek Cats said...

We really enjoyed the story of the twins. Thank goodness they found you! They are very very lucky. Those are some very cute and funny memories!