Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hey friends.
I got my email fixed on my pda! It took a lot of tinkering, a few wild guesses, and a stroke of luck, but it works!
Nimbus is doing better. I think spiking him back up a unit is what he needed. So far, so good. But it's early yet. I need to see this at least for another day or two to breathe a sigh of relief.
Jadzia seems to be doing better. I took the bandage off yesterday and wiped down the wound before refreshing the first aid cream and rebandaging her. She's still going to the vet though - she's not getting out of this one! She needs it anyway.
Curzon is well - Curry! He's been attached to me every day after I get home, hanging out with me on the bed as I watch tv. I think he knows I haven't been feelng good the last week or two and is trying to make it go away. He's trying hard - and it's working, with help from the others.
*Knock on wood* everything continues as it is right now, improving!
Work is work, frustrating, tiring, and well, not helping me get better! EVERYONE seems to be sick, whether it be the annoying stomach bug I got or the colds. I haven't come across anyone with flu-like symptoms lately, thank goodness. I'm not worried though. Wonder if I could claim worker's comp if I proved I got swine flu at work... Rofl. I'm telling you, there should be hazard pay for dealng with all these sick people!
I want to thank all my new cat blogger buddies for stopping by lately. You know how to make a person feel welcomed. I know I'm not sharing as many pics as you guys, but OMG with my life schedule, I don't seem to have TIME to do anything, much less take pics, even though I would love to. You guys will kill me when I go on vacation and I'm stuck at home all week, just me, cats, and camera... Muwahaha! Seriously though, thanks tons. Misha and Poppy that includes you!
Ok, a few other things:
That terrorist cell they just broke up in Colorado tied to NYC - dude, you're either REALLY stupid or just incredibly naïve. Did you really think we weren't going to figure you out? Puh-lease.
And David Letterman - geez, are you out to shoot yourself in the foot and kill your ratings? Or do you really think this'll boost your ratings like the birth of your child did? I don't understand it, for someone who Johnny took under his wings, and even after he retired he still threw the ideas to you. One staffer, we wouldn't care. But how many really? Two? Three? All of them? And the audience... How could you laugh? That's no laughing matter! But the producer especially... Do you really think he's going to give up the money? Didn't you think about the consequences of your actions?
On heath care - geez DC get yer heads out of your rears and get back to reality. We're dying out here - literally - because we can't afford our insurance or can't afford to get sick even WITH insurance. It's not just about getting everyone insured. Let's do it right and make it affordable and get the BS out of the equation. I really don't care if it takes a public option to do it. I really don't like the idea of forcing all of us to have insurance, but if you're going to, make the insurance companies quit dropping us and charging us through the rears.
And one last thing, as much as I hate to sound so spiteful and hateful. God did us all a favor this week and got rid of Cooey for us. He's the guy that killed little Jessica Lunsford years ago after torturing her and crap I don't even want to go into. And the taxpayers got saved a LOT of money in not having to board him, feed him, let him appeal, and then killing his sick ass. Woohoo one less sick ubercreep!
That's all for now folks. I'm off to enjooy some silence... Ahhhh...

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