Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old JazzyPic

This picture of Jadzia was taken when Nimbus was about a month old. We were still trying to get her to heal up, but on occasion she would itch herself an owie and I would have to wrap it up. The difference this time is mainly that I'm not using a washcloth - her back feet tore all those apart - so I'm using a piece of jean from a pair that has a hole in the knee. We will see what the vet says tomorrow. I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of this and quickly. On a side note - look how tiny and slender she was! OMG she's gotten so big! But then again, she was just a few weeks past her first birthday, a mere CoonKitten herself! I just can't believe that's the same Jadzia sometimes, but I of all people know! She's such a beautiful kid though - even now, plump!

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SOUL: said...

and i finally see the infamous nimbus. :)) great lookin kitties you have.

not quite sure what you have on jazzy here though. quite the get up though, i must say .

happy monday-