Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picture-less Update

Hey folks. No pictures right now, not that I don't have any new ones to share, but I'm too lazy right now to hassle with it.
Today ended up being another adventure, but I didn't necessarily plan on it. I had planned to cook my other lamb chop early this afternoon but that's going to have to wait a bit longer. I'm too tired. STILL.
You see, every dive in this three-horse town ran out of newspapers. Now they had the crappy local one, but not the better big-city paper (not so much better news content, just MUCH better comics). So after some phone calls, I ran into a store that had one left - 2 miles away. Now I wasn't about to wait for a bus - the guy was nice enough to hide it behind the counter - so, my idiot self decided to walk! Oh getting there was no problem. I had my poncho on cause it was misting and I'm not sure if the coat I had on is waterproof and I didn't feel like haggling with the wind and cold hands. Of course I'm ready for a downpour and it doesn't lol. On the way back, though, OMG... I was all but crawling home, especially that last mile. But that's ok. I know just stopping a couple times along the way for a minute helps me out a lot... And I stopped to get lunch on the way (yes, it wasn't even quite lunchtime and everyone had ran out of papers already), so that helped. But oof! I'm tired!
Ok I need to amend this post... so much for that other lamb chop. The roommate brought me home meatloaf! WOW he is a sweetie indeed. See why I like southern gentlemen? Ain't a yankee up here that'd do that (don't take offense to that folks, please) for a chick like me! I guess I ain't got it quite so bad after all? Unfortunately I'm still full from lunch! That's my friggin' luck! Aye! Give me a little while and I'll have me an appetite back now!
Oh and an update... So I got all the cat pictures I've taken lately sorted out. I even got them backed up on the PC. Two projects out of the way. I have the dishes soaking (have since last night), so I guess I'm halfway there... All I gotta do is finish this cleaning and I think I'll have it done! Nimbus' test chart is updated, I feel like I've accomplished a lot while I've been on my rear end! Tomorrow changes things though. I really need to get to doing my laundry. BAH HUMBUG. I just don't feel like getting up off my rear end yet! This has been the most thoroughly relaxing vacation I do believe I have ever taken! And think, I did it without anyone waiting on me hand and foot too! Now excuse me while I gloat over my successes by cuddling a cat that probably doesn't want to be scooped up and cuddled right this moment... ROFL.


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Hmm, I do hope you shared the chop with my lovely fluffy friends!

Lynx217 said...

I wish I could, Rumbles. But that could kill the poor Nimbus, and I can't NOT treat him and treat only the other two. It's not fair. I ended up not making it anyway. My roommate was kind enough to bring me home dinner. Tomorrow though :)

Leann said...

Wow, those kitties are beautiful! Mine has a purr that will wake the dead but not so much on being picked up and cuddled.

Kudos to you for walking four miles today. I know that's not an easy feat, especially if it's not something you do every day.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Cory said...

We're sending extra purrs to Nimbus today...the start of Diabetes Month! So good to hear that the medications are getting better.