Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Picture-less Post... for now

Hey folks. OWIE I hurt! That walk killed me! I felt worse this morning than I did yesterday! OW OW OW. That was definitely a 4 mile walk, no doubt about that, my body woulda been fine if it was merely 3. But I did get to see things I haven't seen before, and now I know they're closer than I thought. I also found out I still have trouble walking over bigger bridges. I never was scared of heights until a freak accident in December 1999 left me hanging - literally. It's the same reason it's almost impossible to get me up a ladder anymore. Mr. Cat or someone else I really trust has to be below it to hold it steady, and trust me, chances are very slim I'd be the one up the ladder if Mr. Cat's around. He's much more comfortable with them than I am. It's sad though because I used to love heights, just to look though. Now it makes me nausious. But I can still fly... figure that one out. That worrying is totally unrelated. And that's more of landing than anything.
So anyways, feeling so crappy today, no, downright shitty, I'm not going to get moving anytime too soon I don't think. So today I'm going to work on another project at least until I get to feeling a wee better (ie, when the meds fully kick in lol): PocketPC themes. I'll post the pics that I ended up using once I finish - maybe. We shall see. Right now I got one done that I had done last night on the PDA, now I'm working on them from the computer. I even have the PDA hooked up so I can tinker on it from the PC LOL. So lazy I know. Gotta keep the desktop feeling needed though!
So back I'm off to tinker and play from the comforts of a soft spot and a lot of binkies!

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