Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pre-Video Pics

These pics were taken in the last 24 hours... You got Curzon being lazy and NOT wanting to play...
... Curzon upset about being distracted...
... and Nimbus also upset at being distracted.
Finally a close-up!
Nimbus keeping an eye on sleepy Mom unsure of her true intentions.
Looking the part of the mancat Prince!
A rare shot of Mom and Son laying together and it NOT ending in a boxing match!
Jazzy didn't like her bath being disrupted.
Sometimes she's photogenic though!
This pic was taken right before Curry's video - LOOK AT THEM FANGS! OMG, poor mouse that sees those!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I did taking them. Day by day I'm getting better at snapping and playing at the same time!

On a side note... GO BENGALS!

1 comment:

Cat with a Garden said...

Yep, we really liked the pictures. Don't worry you were right there at our blogoversary and we enjoyed having you over. Thanks!