Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stories to Tell - Part 1 (Jadzia Perspective)

Hello Friends! We have a few stories to tell, but we're going to keep it to as few posts as possible. The first one is when our Mum finally gets home from what she calls "work" (sounds bad to us).
Here I am waiting...
Sometimes I have to look in to make sure everyone else is behaving.
Then I see her! She usually makes me wait a few moments before she comes in, so I give her silent meows to make her pity my plight!
Then my son usually makes sure he says hi when she finally comes in before he runs off to make room for my brother.
But I, Ms. Queenie, come first. I have to say hi and smell what she brought home.
Big brother makes sure she didn't betray us with other animals.
Sometimes afterwards, she'll play with us, and this time it was Nimbus' turn. I'll let Nimbus talk about that in the next post.

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