Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stories to Tell - Part Two (Nimbus Perspective)

Hello there, I see my mom let me talk all by myself. Impressive! Here I wish to talk about what I (and sometimes my uncle) do with (or to, depending on which of us you ask) our humans!
Here she's giving me scritchies on my chest, but sometimes (like today) I feel more playful. Sometimes she'll wear this thing she calls a "glove" but I didn't warn her, so I accidentally scratched her up a bit.I always start it innocently, with some affection (and sniffing to make sure she doesn't have anything nasty tasting on her hands)!
Then comes the paw-wrap and the bracelet attack (both humans have such a bad habit of leaving these things on even though I love to bite them). Usually our alpha human takes his off, but I always try to get at least one chomp in first! What can I say, I love to bite wood!
I tried to warn her! I did, I promise! She doesn't seem to be intimidated by my fangs though.
After some biting, licking, and kicking she finally got her paw away from me, but she kept teasing me with it! So first I just raised my paws...
... But that didn't work, so I tried showing my fangs a little bit again!
Well, that didn't work so now I show her how wide I can reach!
No, folks, she didn't learn. And then when she tried to get another picture, my uncle got her too! Do you think she learned to get her glove first? I doubt it too...

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