Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Oh dear God, we're in trouble. The conservative right-wing nut jobs are at it again. First, Obama's racist. Now the BIBLE is TOO LIBERAL! For pete's sake, get over yourselves! If you really want to live like that, go build a colony out in the Arizona desert or something. Geez....
Secondly, Jadzia is doing well. She's not itching like she was even yesterday. She seems to have forgiven me for all the crap I put her through yesterday. I'm sure Nimbus has been teasing his Mother that now she's getting tackled and prodded LOL. Let's hope that Curzon's not next. I can't nurse ALL THREE at once sheesh!
Anyways, I'm not feeling too talkative right now as I haven't been home long and I have to take care of the kids - erp cats - in a few minutes.

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Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx, Glad to hear that the cats are all on the mend again . Rest easy.