Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo Shoot

What one blasted flea can do to a cat who's allergic to them:
This is what poor Jadzia looks like now. It's only the left half of the scruff of her neck, but it's obviously a very sizeable area. Unfortunately this isn't the only place she was itchy, just the worst spot. The poor girl was probably lucky her left ear didn't end up fur-less... But luckily the cream that the vet put on and the cortizone pills are working. She's still itching, but not nearly as bad - and she's not hurting herself doing it! The arrow below pointing to the bald spot shows the only remnants of when she got pregnant. When I re-rescued her (lol - when I finally got her back inside after the big tom cat got her) the wound was probably between quarter and half-dollar sized. That little scar, the size of maybe a pea, is all that's left after all this time. She's a lucky girl I tell you - though she wasn't planning on any of it, she raised one very good little kitten into a great mancat!

Baths are always better when you have a furbuddy join you!.
And even show a little affection!
See, they get along just fine... MOST of the time!
But when I make noises, the Investigator has to figure out what's going on. NOTHING can happen without him knowing about it or he shows how Prince-ly he is!
They were all about showing off today - especially their tongues...
... But Jadzia only wanted to show off her belly!
Curzon was just happy I was showing off how handsome he is.
What a handsome mancat... such a big one too!
But he was getting tired of me making noises!
Meanwhile, back to showing off... someone *ahem* had to show off a bit more!
Doesn't he look happy somewhere beneath that ever-so-serious face?
Well folks, that's my photo shoot for today. Everyone seems to be happy (I just got home from work) and now it's time for them to get their attention and cuddles before Jadzia gets her pills and Nimbus gets his poke and shot. Curzon's probably worried when HE is going to have to go through this. But Curzon, true to mancat form, doesn't have many issues. He's only gone to the vet with problems once. He has more important things on his mancat list of things to do lol.

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The Creek Cats said...

Lots of healing vibes to Jadzia! Itchy furs is no fun at all!!!
Our dear departed Cal would loose all the hair on his scuff sometimes from allergies.