Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Angry Lynx Post

Good-day friends. We had our fun post today, now it's time to be serious.
First of all. To all our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen/Women, and Marines, THANK YOU for everything you do, sacrificing everything for this country and the freedom every one of us enjoys. And to those who came before, thank you for your sacrifices in ensuring this nation and her great experiment continued on for another generation. We are still the young kids on the block compared to many of the other nations on this tiny little planet, but thanks to you, we are still here, older and wiser, but stronger because of your sacrifice. To the families of those who gave their lives for this great country, I am sorry for your loss but know that at least this American will never forget what freedom costs to every one of us.
Secondly, to the family and friends of the victims and survivors of the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood, TX, my sincerest condolences. This should never have happened - not here, not on foreign soil. We shouldn't have to ask our military personnel to watch their backs from their own. We shall never rest until justice is served. Meanwhile, the nation joins you in mourning and remembering the lives so senselessly lost last week.
And on the note of justice...
Seven years ago a middle aged man took a teenager under his wings and together set out on a weeks-long shooting spree, killing nearly a dozen people and terrorizing everyone within 3 states. Tonight, in a few short hours, that middle-aged so-called man shall be laid down one last time as he comes face to face with justice. I was one of those so scared that going outside was all but unheard of so long as they were free. I was a few mere miles away from where those two ***holes were finally caught. I slept the best sleep I slept in a long time that night. Tonight, I shall lay my head down and thank God that the time has come when we mortals no longer have to be the ones doling out justice. I wish I could be there to see him wither away, but lethal injection is just too nice. I'd much rather see him shake and fry. I'm sorry, this is very cold and brutal for me, but there are times when the death penalty is called for - that's why it's on the books - and THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Shooting so many innocent people as they went about their normal lives for no reason is absolutely sick, and I don't honestly care if he's mentally ill or not. He knew what he was doing was wrong, and for that he should die. May God have some room for mercy somewhere for him, because like many others, I have none in me for him. Good riddance. Hopefully soon he'll be joined by that sick b******* from Cleveland with all those bodies and skeletons in and behind his house.
Now I must shut up, as I'm starting to get an angrily sick that I don't think any of you should see.
This is the other reason I'm more of a cat blogger nowadays - the other side of me is a very angry American tired of all the sickos in this world.

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SOUL: said...

i hear ya-- and here it is veterans day-- i can't help but think of our active duty-- MIA.. POW's.. overseas in combat.. and the vets of course.
every time i go to the VA hospital i see our returning vets with terrible injuries: burns, missing limbs,and more. it hurts me to the core.
and this FT Hood thing. one of our own? i'm still ill over it-- what makes it worse? he's a psychiatrist... he knows exactly what to say to get off on insanity-- if he lives.
i'm right there with ya on all of this one.
we can't stay angry though-- or 'they' all win -

btw-- i haven't had the news on yet-- did a-hole get the needle-- or did the phone call come in?

hope you have a good day-
don't dwell on the bad stuff-- there's good things out there-- somewhere- :))