Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pic Shout-Outs

Hey folks. For some odd reason I couldn't get the typing to go above the pics, so pardon me for having to make you scroll. The first four pics are in response to the Casbah Kitten's post. Curzon stretches... we call it his "flop, roll, stretch and swim" maneuver. He was in swim mode by that picture! Jadzia is the curl up in a little ball kitty most of the time. But Nimbus is the sprawler. He'll take up every ounce of real estate he can usually lol - even if it means laying in a very precarious spot! But when the twins sleep together, they just curl up together usually. They might stretch out a little, but nothing amounting to a sprawl. The last two pics are for Soul. Talk about uncomfy! Only Curzon...


Fin said...

I'm a sprawler.

SOUL: said...

i'm tellin ya , they're insane - every last one of em.
i need to put more of my weirdo cat pix up-
happy wednesday-