Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello friends. Yes I'm finally feeling better. The roommate brought home dinner again, we split a rack of pork ribs. It was good, then we played some poker (nickels and dimes, nothing more than a quarter, but it never got to that even) while we waited for the food to move down so we could crash out. We don't get to hang out much because I go to bed so early and he's been working out of town lately, so it was good to hang out together for a little while, but it wasn't as fun as it is when Mr. Cat's with us.
Above are the photos of some of the themes I made today for the PDA. It's not all of them, but it's probably 80% of them. So you can see why it took me so long, because I had to trim each big pic down to that one, then a second trim for a menu, then get all the font colors and other colors set up. But that part is easier on the PDA than it is on the PC. The picture trimming, on the other hand, is MUCH quicker on the PC. A good trim makes a good photo look even better. Some of these, from the original, didn't look like they would be able to be themes (as the dimensions are very rigid and there's next to no flexibility). I just finished, so it feels good. I forgot though how much memory it takes on my PDA to do it, even though I don't store them on the device itself. Too much RAM. I'm happy I'm done though, I needed some fresh pictures.
I want to thank everyone for your comments, especially when I've been on vacation, and especially the kind words as I've been sick. It meant a lot to me as I fought these bugs off. So anyways, I am off to take care of a couple things then call it a night. Be well everyone. Oh by the way, I'll post the pics I took recently soon. I promise.

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